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Yeoville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Yeoville is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Yeoville
Distance from Yeoville to Mpumalanga
Roads Near Yeoville
Roads / Streets in YeovilleRoad Length
Bezuidenhout Street 1.705Km
Dunbar 1.117Km
Grafton Rd 08m
Grafton Road 1.056Km
Harley Street 209m
Highlands Street/ Umlazi Street 493m
Hill Street 221m
Hunter Street 099m
Isiping Street 1.496Km
Jolly Street 831m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Yeoville and their distance from Yeoville
Bus Stops in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Hillbrow Bath Hose-26.190650528.0465010
Old Synagogue Eastbound-26.193563728.0497472
Old Synagogue Westbound-26.194181328.0497981
Cinemas in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Goodhope Cinemas 1-2-3-26.190105228.0469116
Fire Stations in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Fire Station 8-26.182507328.0494140
Guest Houses in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Brenthurst Clinic-26.184353928.0461349
Park Lane Hospital-26.182050428.0461805
Hotels in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Court Hotel-26.188633528.0516255
Fontana Inn-26.193596028.0483414
Sun 1 Hotel-26.182032128.0501405
Hotel Moulin Rouge-26.190356428.0490693
Johannesburger Hotel-26.194159128.0483362
Maxime Hotel-26.195747328.0510136
One John 5 Four Lodge-26.177453328.0680936
Royal Park Hotel-26.194950928.0513932
Tudhope Loge Hotel-26.181798028.0532370
Place of Worships in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Old Synagogue-26.193974028.0493920
Police Stations in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Yeoville Police Station-26.182437528.0626077
Pubs in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Cardiff Arms-26.188172228.0524620
Hillbrow Inn-26.187951628.0491670
Olympic Bar-26.190044328.0485227
Peoples Palace-26.188329828.0528451
The Voice-26.194125628.0490209
Restaurants in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
La Rustica-26.169197428.0741282
Schools in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Houghton Primary School-26.168617328.0661150
Roedean School-26.176391728.0505314
Stations in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Ellis Park-26.198805128.0589683
Theatres in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Alahambra Theatre-26.194557828.0584986
Windybrow Theatre-26.192119728.0508054
Tourist Attractions in YeovilleLatitude Longitude
Pro Patria-26.180446428.0454147
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