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You can use our Distance Calculator to plan your driving directions across South Africa. This tool supports most Roads across the Country.

Simply enter a "Start" and "End" destination as shown below.

Drag and Zoom

Once you have entered your start and end location just Click Calculate Distance You will see the map load, at the top left of your Map you will see an orange man as shown below. Drag this "Man" onto any road on the Map to see a 3d picture of the road and the area.

You can drag this "orange man" onto any road in South Africa, and it will show you pictures along the road. You can also Zoom in and out of the map, to get a better idea about the driving directions across South Africa.

Drag and Zoom

By using your Left Mouse Button, drag the orange man onto a road. All the roads go blue, and I simply relase the mouse to choose one.

Find Directions

This will then load a Picture that shows you the point on the road you have chosen. You can drage your mouse around and rotate the images to get an idea about what the area looks like. When you are planning a trip it is often good to see actual photos of where you may be going, this helps insure you are going to the right place especially if you are looking for a specific building on a road.

Visual Directions Map

You can go back to your road map at any time by clicking the grey close button shown below. This will simply go back to your calculated route as before showing you a road map.

Close Map