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Wyndover Attractions and Distance Calculations
Wyndover is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Wyndover
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1307 Km
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1261 Km
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1268 Km
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 654 Km
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 910 Km
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1531 Km
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 833 Km
Direct Distance from Wyndover to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1545 Km
Roads Near Wyndover
Roads / Streets in WyndoverRoad Length
Alamein Road 176m
Alcoyne Road 067m
Alpha Road 139m
Alpina Road 49m
Alston Square 108m
Avenue de Mist 486m
Ayton Road 133m
Bassett Road 327m
Belvedere Road 1.482Km
Ben 066m
Black Street 107m
Blythewood Avenue 102m
Brevet Road 28m
Buchanan Road 234m
Buddock Road 267m
Carlton Road 341m
Chalfort Road 12m
Chesham Road 213m
Chess Road 262m
Chichester Road 1.999Km
Clare Park 353m
Cleveland Road 795m
Clifton Road 052m
Columbus Road 754m
Cook Road 934m
Dakota Road 158m
Doncaster Road 2.04Km
Eastclyde Road 06m
Eastry Road 185m
Esher Street 308m
Fairfield Road 177m
Faith Street 116m
Fillmore Road 129m
Franklin Road 429m
Friesland Street 09m
Gambonia Road 251m
Garfield Road 1.903Km
Garrison Road 248m
Glenavon Road 164m
Glossderry Road 326m
Golden Grove 178m
Grassfield Road 15m
Greenlawn Square 26m
Hall Street 108m
Hamilton Road 757m
Hampstead Road 404m
Harding Road 244m
Heatherton Road 018m
Herold Road 174m
Hope Street 13m
Ian Road 197m
Imam Haron Road 1.385Km
Jefferson Road 255m
June Street 102m
Karakul Street 275m
Keurboom Road 444m
Kromboom Parkway 6.66Km
Laidlaw Lane 159m
Laurier Close 039m
Laurier Road 585m
Lawson Road 097m
Lee Road 539m
Leraar Street 119m
Lincoln Road 27m
Loch Road 941m
Lockwood Road 144m
Lomond Street 086m
Lynfrae Avenue 461m
Lynwood Road 119m
Madison Road 127m
Malcolm Road 374m
Malines Avenue 319m
Markham Road 423m
Marne Avenue 332m
Mckinley Road 12m
Menin Avenue 357m
Merino Street 124m
Milldene Avenue 286m
Miller Road 061m
Milner Road 1.933Km
Monroe Road 124m
Mons Avenue 476m
Myhof Road 237m
Nansen Road 443m
Nares Road 136m
New Park Road 066m
Oban Road 238m
Pinetree Avenue 246m
Princes Road 024m
Punters Way 1.551Km
Queen Victoria Road 889m
Ranelagh Road 968m
Redpoll Street 072m
Rembrandt Road 291m
Riverside Road 662m
Roosevelt Road 723m
Rosedon Road 128m
Rosmead Avenue 484m
Rubicon Road 391m
Rusacre Road 242m
Sanatorium Road 706m
Searle Street 46m
Selous Road 434m
Son Street 373m
St. Alma Road 077m
St. Andrews Road 514m
St. Davids Road 558m
St. Dennis Road 412m
St. Georges Road 243m
St. Leger Road 545m
St. Lukes Road 269m
St. Marks Road 14m
St. Michaels Road 935m
St. Patricks Road 229m
St. Stephens Road 074m
St. Thomas Road 745m
Stanford Road 777m
Stignant Crescent 11m
Stignant Road 131m
Stuart Road 603m
Tasman Street 114m
Third Avenue 036m
Treehaven Road 132m
Truman Road 145m
Vincent Avenue 129m
Warrington Road 496m
Washington Road 717m
Water Street 652m
Wilge Road 214m
Wolsey Road 01m
Wyndover Road 373m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Wyndover and their distance from Wyndover
Bus Stops in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Business in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Stream Global Services-33.979473618.4664030
Cafes in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Chemists in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Plax Pharmacy-33.990383618.5042328
Cinemas in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Kingsbury Hospital-33.986421018.4688649
Nightclubs in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Oblivion Wine Bar-33.984516318.4776241
Place of Worships in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
War Memeorial Chapel-33.963862618.4813892
Brooke Chapel-33.963499818.4819387
Police Stations in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Claremont SAPS-33.984301418.4729179
Post Offices in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Clareinch Post Office-33.984237318.4740766
Pubs in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Springbok Pub-33.973547218.4677176
Restaurants in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Home Bar and Restaurant-33.987126418.4743207
Lucky Yacht sushi bar-33.987348818.4741276
Zapata Mexican Restaurant-33.987658318.4741188
Schools in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Little Bosch-33.974393818.4796465
Diocesan College-33.963236918.4823620
Diocesn College Pre-Prep-33.964151818.4786482
Stations in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
Harfield Road-33.988446218.4712616
Swimming Pools in WyndoverLatitude Longitude
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