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Wynberg Attractions and Distance Calculations
Wynberg is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Wynberg
Distance from Wynberg to Diep River
Distance from Wynberg to Dunoon
Distance from Wynberg to Durban
Distance from Wynberg to Grabouw
Distance from Wynberg to Helderberg Village
Distance from Wynberg to Hout Bay
Distance from Wynberg to Illovo
Distance from Wynberg to Khayelitsha Magistrates Court
Distance from Wynberg to Klerksdorp
Distance from Wynberg to Kraaifontein East
Distance from Wynberg to Langa
Distance from Wynberg to Mbekweni
Distance from Wynberg to Nelspruit
Distance from Wynberg to Philippi
Distance from Wynberg to Reitz
Distance from Wynberg to Stellenbosch
Distance from Wynberg to Zibonele Radio Station.
Roads Near Wynberg
Roads / Streets in WynbergRoad Length
50th Avenue 403m
51st Avenue 24m
Alde Road 249m
Alexandra Road 629m
Aliwal Road 686m
Baker Street 403m
Barnstaple Road 199m
Bathurst Road 652m
Batts Road 666m
Belfast Road 242m
Belper Road 351m
Belsay Road 056m
Benjamin Road 18m
Bexhill Road 097m
Bishop Close 036m
Botha Road 089m
Bower Road 492m
Brentwood Road 364m
Brian Mansberg Close 073m
Brink Drive 253m
Brisbane Road 148m
Bristol Road 104m
Broad Road 644m
Brodie Road 239m
Bruyns Road 112m
Byrnes Avenue 589m
Camp Road 622m
Carabinier Road 242m
Carlow Road 166m
Carr Hill Road 201m
Castletown Road 998m
Cavan Close 068m
Cavan Road 566m
Church Street 511m
Clarence Road 386m
Coach Road 052m
Cogill Road 246m
Connaught Road 171m
Cornwall Place 131m
Country Club Road 201m
Court Road 224m
Cruse Lane 068m
Devonshire Road 195m
Dinsley Road 077m
Duncan Road 221m
Dunsheen Road 141m
Durban Road 704m
Ebenezer Road 223m
Ebor Road 191m
Egglestone Road 191m
Egham Road 2m
Electric Road 18m
Ellerslie Road 221m
Essex Road 188m
Fair Seat Lane 102m
Fleming Road 572m
Fort Street 279m
Frome Road 09m
Gibson Road 843m
Glaren Road 337m
Good Hope Road 151m
Gosport Road 318m
Gouldbourne Road 651m
Halifax Road 096m
Harpford Avenue 416m
Harpford Close 053m
Hastings Road 23m
Hawthorden Road 207m
Hendon Road 073m
Herschel Walk 267m
Hertford Road 096m
Hospital Road 467m
Indian Road 266m
Innis Road 89m
Jan Smuts Road 415m
Kamfer Road 345m
Kasteel Road 172m
Kemms Road 261m
Kenhardt Road 191m
Kent Road 624m
Kildare Road 204m
Langley Road 326m
Leerdam Street 11m
Leon Terrace 069m
Lipton Street 064m
Lonsdale Road 149m
Lower Church Street 182m
Lower Maynard Road 156m
Lower Piers Road 205m
Lucys Lane 062m
Main Road 1.567Km
Malton Road 293m
Maynard Road 165m
Milbank Road 158m
Mission Road 307m
Mitcham Road 172m
Moore Road 063m
Morom Road 205m
Mortimer Road 26m
Mosque Road 082m
Musket Road 083m
Nassau Road 182m
Oak Avenue 193m
Oranje Street 153m
Ottery Road 1.193Km
Oxford Street 313m
Penrith Road 189m
Perth Road 311m
Piers Road 692m
Prince George Drive 1.021Km
Prince George Drive Service Road 393m
Putney Road 461m
Remington Road 211m
Riebeek Street 134m
Riverstone Road 278m
Rockley Road 15m
Rose Lane 122m
Rosmead Avenue 86m
Salisbury Road 603m
Sandhurst Road 241m
Scobel Road 134m
Seymour Road 252m
Sherad Square 256m
Shiplake Road 116m
Silverhurst Close 055m
Silverhurst Way 134m
Silverlea Road 391m
St. Johns Road 417m
Standard Lane 074m
Station Road 283m
Stewart Street 117m
Sunninghill Road 164m
Sussex Road 1.256Km
Sydney Road 198m
Sylvan Road 056m
Tarley Road 129m
Tenby Road 147m
Thomas Road 09m
Trovato Link Road 563m
Tyrone Road 108m
Velden Road 067m
Victoria Street 092m
Vine Road 367m
Vriedenhof Road 168m
Wakefield Road 387m
Wargrave Road 317m
Waterloo Green 136m
Waterloo Road 1.46Km
Wellington Avenue 569m
Wellington Road 338m
Wellington Walk 148m
Westbury Circus 081m
Wetton Road 2.109Km
Wilson Road 17m
Wolfe Street 558m
York Road 593m
Young Lane 128m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Wynberg and their distance from Wynberg
Banks in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Luxurama Theatre-34.012802518.4725527
Fire Stations in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Fire Station-34.004553118.4789309
Hospitals in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Crescent Clinic-33.989401418.4670905
Kingsbury Hospital-33.986421018.4688649
Claremont Hospital-33.986274618.4664961
Librarys in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Public Library-34.005252118.4676589
Petrol Stations in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Christ Church Kenilworth-33.995332218.4711194
Police Stations in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Police Station-34.004226718.4648183
Recycling Depots in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Municipal refuse depot-34.005235818.4799889
Restaurants in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Banana Jam-33.994303418.4741933
Zapata Mexican Restaurant-33.987658318.4741188
Lucky Yacht sushi bar-33.987348818.4741276
Home Bar and Restaurant-33.987126418.4743207
Schools in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Shiloah Christian School-34.008818618.4709218
Cedar House High School-33.996507718.4777529
Stations in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Harfield Road-33.988446218.4712616
Take Aways in WynbergLatitude Longitude
Scooters Pizza-33.994847918.4691473
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