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Woodstock Attractions and Distance Calculations
Woodstock is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Woodstock
Distance from Woodstock to Bantry Bay
Distance from Woodstock to Epping Industria 2
Distance from Woodstock to Foreshore
Distance from Woodstock to Milnerton
Distance from Woodstock to Robertson
Distance from Woodstock to Tokai
Distance from Woodstock to Wynberg
Roads Near Woodstock
Roads / Streets in WoodstockRoad Length
Aberdeen Street 317m
Adelaide Road 438m
Albert Road 946m
Alexander Street 057m
Altona Grove 118m
Argyle Street 396m
Armadale Street 065m
Avenue Road 171m
Balfour Street 595m
Baris Road 011m
Barron Street 185m
Barton Street 405m
Beach Road 988m
Beatty Road 185m
Beresford Road 471m
Bideford Road 079m
Booth Road 168m
Brabant Road 189m
Brickdale Avenue 098m
Bridge Street 042m
Bromwell Street 668m
Caesar Street 096m
Caleb Street 096m
Calvin Street 159m
Carey Street 102m
Cavendish Square 236m
Cavendish Street 223m
Chamberlain Street 455m
Chester Road 495m
Church Street 284m
Clarence Street 086m
Cloete Road 187m
Clyde Street 17m
Cornwall Street 217m
Coronation Road 393m
Coventry Road 183m
Cyprus Street 05m
Davidson Street 101m
Davison Road 09m
De Waal Drive 2.048Km
Devon Street 42m
Devonshire Street 21m
Dickson Street 138m
Donald Street 095m
Douglas Place 1m
Draklow Street 074m
Dublin Street 35m
Dundonald Street 137m
Earl Street 249m
Eden Road 485m
Elson Road 096m
Erica Street 121m
Essex Street 329m
Fairview Avenue 344m
Fareham Street 066m
Forgate Street 055m
Frere Street 271m
Fryde Road 207m
Garrick Road 217m
Gladstone Street 08m
Golders Green Road 131m
Grand Vue Road 238m
Greatmore Street 444m
Gympie Street 213m
Haig Road 164m
Hares Avenue 281m
Hay Road 132m
Hercules Street 149m
High Street 249m
Hilyard Street 088m
Hofmeyer Lane 067m
James Street 216m
Kent Street 275m
Keppel Road 024m
King Street 076m
Kitchener Road 211m
Kylemore Road 023m
Lawley Road 141m
Lennox Street 045m
Lever Street 359m
Listowell Road 178m
Lorraine Avenue 198m
Lower Church Street 55m
Marsden Road 22m
Melbourne Road 59m
Milan Road 154m
Mill Street 097m
Milner Road 317m
Mountain Road 576m
Nelson Mandela Boulevard 3.906Km
Nerina Street 256m
Ormskirk Street 226m
Oxford Street 247m
Page Lane 041m
Page Square 013m
Page Street 233m
Palmerston Road 436m
Park Road 714m
Perth Road 165m
Pine Road 229m
Plein Street 298m
Plumer Road 089m
Poets Corner 035m
Premier Road 359m
Princess Street 164m
Queens Park Avenue 568m
Queens Road 426m
Railway Street 42m
Ravenscraig Road 656m
Regent Square 127m
Regent Street 543m
Rhodes Avenue 215m
Rhodesia Street 084m
Riche Street 569m
Roberts Road 335m
Roodebloem Road 993m
Salisbury Street 464m
Salmon Street 117m
Salt River Road 498m
Searle Street 416m
Spring Street 091m
Station Street 249m
Strand Street 684m
Sussex Street 262m
Table Bay Boulevard 1.833Km
Tay Street 057m
Teck Road 077m
The Avenue 429m
Treaty Road 158m
Upper Adelaide Road 147m
Upper Cambridge Street 018m
Upper Chamberlain Street 089m
Upper Coventry Road 162m
Upper Duke Street 28m
Upper Keppel Street 175m
Upper Melbourne Street 014m
Upper Mountain Road 088m
Upper Queens Road 346m
Upper Roodebloem Road 093m
Upper Warwick Street 199m
Victoria Road 1.867Km
Victoria Walk 386m
Vine Road 132m
Warwick Street 356m
West Coast Busway 1.657Km
West Coast Cycle Path 2.331Km
Westfort Road 131m
William Street 389m
Woodlands Road 306m
Wright Street 293m
York Street 262m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Woodstock and their distance from Woodstock
Bus Stations in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Civic Centre-33.920481018.4294318
Bus Stops in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Coronation East-33.934765218.4465949
Chester East-33.935583118.4464797
Coronation West-33.934448618.4432955
Chester West-33.934188018.4413635
Upper Mountain-33.937137118.4490181
Upper Mountain-33.937252518.4489883
Upper Roodebloem-33.937398918.4510074
Upper Roodebloem-33.937430418.4511947
Upper Salt River-33.930079318.4569845
Upper Salt River-33.930208718.4571121
District Six-33.931360118.4350863
District Six-33.931594218.4349756
Salt River Rail-33.927677818.4643039
Hanover Street-33.928052918.4282506
Hanover Street-33.928244218.4280763
Cafes in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
De Goewerneur-33.925377718.4274319
Doctors in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Dr K van der Westhuizen-33.934748418.4458023
Fire Stations in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Salt River Fire Station-33.935471818.4615364
Guest Houses in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
District Six Guesthouse-33.933637618.4401349
Castle Inn-33.926811818.4260348
Hospitals in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Woodstock Hospital-33.931926318.4493796
Hostels in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Observatory Backpackers-33.935527118.4674811
Hotels in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Holiday Inn-33.934435118.4473301
Marketplaces in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Old Biscuit Mill Market-33.927551818.4577062
Nightclubs in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
The Mercury Lounge-33.932097718.4257500
Petrol Stations in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Community Motors-33.928622618.4605601
Stations in WoodstockLatitude Longitude
Salt River-33.927229318.4650145
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