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Wonderboom Attractions and Distance Calculations
Wonderboom is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Wonderboom
Distance from Wonderboom to Louis Trichardt
Distance from Wonderboom to Nelspruit
Distance from Wonderboom to Polokwane
Distance from Wonderboom to Spartan
Roads Near Wonderboom
Roads / Streets in WonderboomRoad Length
Apiesdoring Avenue 751m
Bessiebos Avenue 891m
Blinkblaar Avenue 471m
Blyde Avenue 989m
Bosveld Street 399m
Bottlebrush Avenue 237m
Braam Pretorius Street 4.371Km
Dadelpalm Avenue 49m
Dassiebos Avenue 518m
Dikbas Avenue 295m
Dirk Van Deventer Drive 862m
Driedoring Avenue 287m
Groenbas Avenue 086m
Gwarriebos Avenue 462m
Haak-En-Steek Avenue 384m
Heimia Avenue 212m
Ironwood Street 249m
Jonie Street 155m
Kannabos Avenue 204m
Kei Avenue 541m
Knysna Avenue 989m
Kromhout Avenue 095m
Kunene Avenue 606m
Kuruman Avenue 642m
Lekkerbreek Avenue 467m
Limpopo Avenue 587m
Marico Avenue 166m
Molopo Avenue 03m
Nicola Street 59m
Oleander Avenue 352m
Pambati Street 335m
Pendoring Avenue 703m
Sekelbos Avenue 169m
Stinkhout Avenue 132m
Suurdoring Avenue 339m
Suurpruim Avenue 278m
Tamarisk Avenue 379m
Tecoma Street 72m
Tipuana Avenue 223m
Waterhout Avenue 37m
Wildeamandel Avenue 167m
Wildepeer Avenue 381m
Wynruit Avenue 174m
Zambesi Drive 344m
Zambezi Drive 1.155Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Wonderboom and their distance from Wonderboom
Chemists in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Alpha Pharm-25.679200028.2180900
Dentists in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Jan Van Rensburg-25.680611528.2196748
Ice Cream Shops in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Roomys Sprokie-25.683386128.1978175
Nursery Schools in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Little Angels-25.685891428.2184549
Petrol Stations in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Ruins in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Wonderboom Fort-25.692309228.1942494
Schools in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Laerskool Stefanus Roos-25.679710028.2220800
Take Aways in WonderboomLatitude Longitude
Vetkoek Maleis-25.683352428.1975758
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