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Winklespruit Attractions and Distance Calculations
Winklespruit is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Winklespruit
Distance from Winklespruit to Shakaland
Roads Near Winklespruit
Roads / Streets in WinklespruitRoad Length
Alexander Road 215m
Araucaria Road 73m
Beach Road 297m
Bell Place 087m
Byways Road 109m
Camp Road 1.007Km
Cassia Road 057m
Col Poulton Drive 11m
Dorrington Road 177m
Eastern Glen Road 108m
Foster Road 181m
Gessner Grove 133m
Gordon Road 374m
Gracedale Road 309m
Hill Road 119m
Hunt Road 088m
Kingsway Gardens 274m
Lantana Road 117m
Mayors Mews 262m
Middleton Road 62m
Murray Smith Road 447m
N2 N Off-ramp 548m
N2 N On-ramp 644m
N2 S On-ramp 581m
Ocean View Road 1.291Km
R23033 103m
Radcliffe Lane 108m
Redin Lane 068m
Rock Road 05m
Sanders Road 151m
Sea Front Drive 323m
Shirley Road 462m
Short Road 071m
Snaefell Road 418m
Stockdale Road 607m
Sullivan Road 075m
Tecoma Road 532m
Webb Road 093m
Winifred Close 359m
Winkelspruit Road 1.781Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Winklespruit and their distance from Winklespruit
Chemists in WinklespruitLatitude Longitude
Hotels in WinklespruitLatitude Longitude
Suntide Winklespruit-30.101839230.8567395
Stations in WinklespruitLatitude Longitude
Warner Beach-30.083600530.8678566
Take Aways in WinklespruitLatitude Longitude
KFC - Winkelspruit-30.097161230.8562812
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