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Wiggins Attractions and Distance Calculations
Wiggins is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Wiggins
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 532 Km
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 496 Km
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1266 Km
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 683 Km
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 465 Km
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 487 Km
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 614 Km
Direct Distance from Wiggins to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 679 Km
Roads Near Wiggins
Roads / Streets in WigginsRoad Length
120925 Street 279m
120927 Street 285m
120928 Street 072m
120929 Street 073m
120930 Street 268m
120931 Street 15m
120932 Street 043m
120933 Street 088m
120934 Street 066m
120935 Street 164m
121978 Street 032m
Adelphi Place 156m
Ahmedia Place 151m
Alms Place 057m
Amanzibar Walk 087m
Anthony Lembede Avenue 622m
Armagh Avenue 561m
Ashwell Road 1.046Km
Azalea Gardens 53m
Balesar Place 219m
Bankie Crescent 576m
Barbinycrest Way 139m
Bhengabar Close 091m
Bhozo Street 099m
Blinkbonnie Road 2.086Km
Bonela Road 779m
Borough Road 457m
Buka Street 078m
Busabar Close 06m
Cabazini Street 062m
Calgary Grove 171m
Candella Road 1.002Km
Cardin Close 128m
Carlow Road 448m
Carnforth Avenue 433m
Cawnore Close 254m
Charles Dlamini Grove 17m
Chorley Close 245m
Cotton Close 059m
Dabula Street 165m
Dalcairn Close 109m
Deeside Drive 575m
Denbigh Road 108m
Dromore Road 215m
Dunbar Road 784m
Dwebabar Place 162m
Echwebeni Street 144m
Ekuthuleni Street 088m
Esithebeni Street 069m
Eskotene Grove 274m
Fisabar Lane 069m
Forfar Place 133m
Gardens Drive 59m
Glamorgan Grove 109m
Grammar Road 055m
Gxumabar Close 082m
Gyaan Place 082m
Hamilton Place 199m
Harcombe Gardens 77m
Haviland Close 524m
Helmsley Grove 404m
Hlekabar Walk 056m
Hlelabar Grove 246m
Hlombebar Walk 537m
Horley Close 196m
Ibuyile Street 033m
Iculobar Walk 109m
Idamubar Way 094m
Ihubobar Place 052m
Impilobar Way 082m
Inhlanzibar Way 09m
Inswempebar Walk 141m
Intulobar Walk 086m
Iphiabar Walk 045m
Ivesibar Walk 06m
Jubilee Crescent 295m
Keady Place 058m
Khiphabar Lane 083m
Khokhabar Close 125m
Khulawig Place 213m
Kilkenny Close 1m
Kweletabar Way 067m
Lamula Street 152m
Lisburn Road 411m
Locke Place 056m
Lurgan Close 18m
Luthulicrest Way 036m
Marmon Place 066m
Mission Lane 426m
Mnganibar Way 079m
Molver Road 804m
Morus Place 062m
Mowbray Gardens 124m
Msomicrest Way 021m
Neptune Crescent 339m
Newbliss Gardens 585m
Nubian Avenue 87m
Nxumalobar Way 158m
Palace Place 503m
Perseus Road 332m
Pholo Street 076m
Phumalanga Street 089m
Phumula Street 102m
Phuphumabar Walk 155m
Pitham Place 256m
Portadown Place 203m
Qalabar Lane 085m
Qoqabar Lane 097m
Raymond Place 131m
Rev Nizolobar Walk 045m
Rexo Place 13m
Richill Grove 416m
Rickben Crescent 489m
Saintfield Road 665m
Sandgate Road 969m
Sbongisenicrest Walk 018m
Scelobar Avenue 498m
Shlangucrest Walk 124m
Sibisicrest Road 273m
Simisocrest Grove 052m
Simunye Road 07m
Sinamuva Close 356m
Sithwalandwe Walk 107m
Siyabonga Street 149m
Solo Mahlangu Drive 1.059Km
Standard Road 697m
Tait Place 304m
Tanda Way 091m
Thandanani Street 168m
Thelabar Place 196m
Thembeni Street 079m
Thobabar Way 175m
Thulabar Close 082m
Tikkie Street 115m
Toohey Close 277m
Unathi Close 062m
Unwabubar Walk 076m
Uxolowig Close 275m
Vumbuka Street 097m
Westgate Grove 127m
Westmeath Avenue 1.926Km
Wiggins Road 18m
Wyndene Circle 431m
Xhumabar Walk 041m
Zama Zama Street 073m
Zibuse Zuma Place 145m
Zwanabar Place 065m
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