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Whetstone Attractions and Distance Calculations
Whetstone is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Whetstone
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 519 Km
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 484 Km
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1275 Km
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 696 Km
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 466 Km
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 471 Km
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 614 Km
Direct Distance from Whetstone to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 663 Km
Roads Near Whetstone
Roads / Streets in WhetstoneRoad Length
108695 Street 22m
109275 Street 143m
120491 Street 169m
120492 Street 321m
120493 Street 026m
120494 Street 071m
120495 Street 038m
120496 Street 053m
120497 Street 038m
120498 Street 04m
120499 Street 055m
120500 Street 035m
120501 Street 038m
120503 Street 065m
120504 Street 108m
120505 Street 048m
120506 Street 116m
120507 Street 039m
120508 Street 078m
120509 Street 035m
120510 Street 083m
120511 Street 031m
120528 Street 708m
120529 Street 065m
120531 Street 055m
120532 Street 054m
120535 Street 033m
120536 Street 046m
120537 Street 031m
120538 Street 325m
120539 Street 025m
120540 Street 039m
120541 Street 059m
120542 Street 304m
120543 Street 163m
120546 Street 108m
120547 Street 305m
120548 Street 135m
120549 Street 085m
120550 Street 067m
120551 Street 05m
120552 Street 05m
120553 Street 054m
120554 Street 151m
120555 Street 041m
120556 Street 041m
120557 Street 1.018Km
121551 Street 2m
121552 Street 501m
121599 Street 035m
121600 Street 054m
121647 Street 197m
121648 Street 096m
121649 Street 073m
121650 Street 188m
121852 Street 171m
121853 Street 196m
121854 Street 073m
121871 Street 477m
122000 Street 119m
Abbeyfern Close 325m
Abervale Road 972m
Achilles Place 109m
Acropolis Street 484m
Allen Place 217m
Allingham Road 1.003Km
Allingstone Cresent 663m
Alverstone Place 062m
Amblen Place 549m
Andromeda Street 475m
Archstone Avenue 484m
Arnham Place 353m
Ashvale Close 368m
Avalen Cresent 914m
Barkfern Road 452m
Barkham Road 08m
Beckstone Place 199m
Bellfern Place 051m
Berrystone Road 57m
Billford Road 391m
Blenford Cresent 512m
Bluefern Place 1m
Boblen Place 114m
Bonham Place 293m
Bracklen Terrace 346m
Brailsford Avenue 083m
Brenlen Road 488m
Brentham Close 174m
Bridgevale Cresent 974m
Brightfern Grove 236m
Brimestone Road 118m
Brinkvale Place 062m
Bromvale Place 105m
Brookstone Place 313m
Brookvale Place 349m
Buckstone Road 063m
Burkford Place 059m
Burnstone Place 184m
Cardham Drive 1.678Km
Castlevale Place 102m
Caterham Avenue 246m
Chadstone Place 208m
Chalkstone Road 433m
Challen Avenue 852m
Chartford Drive 736m
Chippenham Road 177m
Clipstone Place 117m
Clisham Grove 25m
Coleford Close 071m
Commonvale Place 497m
Conlen Cresent 385m
Cornerham Close 144m
Courtstone Place 197m
Courtvale Place 212m
Cradlen Gardens 139m
Cresilen Place 279m
Creststone Road 327m
Crestvale Road 707m
Crete Street 064m
Crimlen Place 239m
Crossvale Place 105m
Crowfern Close 216m
Crownvale Place 132m
Cyclops Street 27m
Deerham Road 35m
Dentvale Close 294m
Dewstone Close 4m
Diblen Place 43m
Donalen Place 107m
Dornvale Place 122m
Dovestone Place 157m
Drinford Place 094m
Drinham Grove 269m
Dryvale Place 235m
Dunlen Place 255m
Dunvale Place 221m
Easevale Way 149m
Esselen Cresent 1.854Km
Eulen Place 107m
Everham Road 522m
Fairlen Way 159m
Fairstone Road 607m
Faversham Grove 355m
Featherstone Place 236m
Fernham Drive 2.862Km
Fieldstone Place 495m
Fincham Place 159m
Flatstone Place 111m
Flintstone Road 544m
Floralen Place 344m
Fonslen Grove 318m
Fordham Place 213m
Gillham Avenue 568m
Glasham Place 183m
Glenstone Place 096m
Goslen Place 107m
Grassfern Gardens 428m
Greenford Grove 141m
Grenlen Cresent 154m
Greystone Place 135m
Gridham Terrace 243m
Hartstone Road 314m
Hartvale Gardens 269m
Hawkham Grove 162m
Hawkstone Cresent 633m
Haystone Place 056m
Hexham Road 1.32Km
Heysham Place 241m
Higham Place 213m
Highfern Road 138m
Highstone Road 464m
Hopelen Place 199m
Hopevale Place 108m
Ilslen Place 24m
Industrial Park Road 169m
J G Champion Drive 1.293Km
Jadefern Walk 126m
Kentstone Close 416m
Keyford Close 433m
Kidfern Close 227m
Kidstone Place 165m
Kiltford Place 158m
Kirkstone Circle 159m
Lacefern Circle 36m
Ladyfern Place 119m
Lakestone Place 162m
Langham Place 169m
Lenham Drive 2.886Km
Lentfern Place 169m
Limestone Place 313m
Linefern Place 104m
Lockstone Place 39m
Lowfern Place 086m
Lynvale Place 108m
Lytham Place 072m
Meadvale Place 082m
Motlen Road 173m
Nedlen Road 674m
Norham Place 183m
Northcroft Drive 1.549Km
Ocklen Place 304m
Palladium Street 325m
Pandora Street 436m
Parkvale Close 268m
Parthenon Street 602m
Peckham Grove 239m
Penelope Street 451m
Phoenix Drive 338m
Phoenix Highway 6.836Km
Pickford Place 111m
Pollux Place 124m
Pondfern Place 187m
Popham Place 111m
Portham Place 089m
Portvale Place 247m
Princevale Place 255m
Prislen Place 124m
Queenfern Place 103m
Quinlen Place 185m
Raglen Place 088m
Ravenstone Place 062m
Redfern Cresent 1.208Km
Revelfern Way 145m
Ringstone Place 081m
Riverfern Place 196m
Roeham Place 261m
Roundfern Road 349m
Rucklen Place 377m
Rufflen Road 187m
Rydalvale Drive 936m
Shawham Place 1m
Shellford Place 08m
Sidestone Close 068m
Sivlen Place 174m
Sorlen Place 136m
Southvale Avenue 943m
Springstone Road 335m
Stemlen Place 309m
Stepford Road 571m
Stockvale Place 119m
Stoneham Avenue 942m
Strensham Road 555m
Sunvale Close 123m
Swanfern Gardens 333m
Swanstone Road 234m
Swanvale Place 224m
Temlen Road 217m
Tilestone Road 204m
Tipstone Place 289m
Towlen Place 358m
Trayfern Place 132m
Treadham Terrace 038m
Triplen Circle 842m
Tromplen Place 338m
Troy Street 107m
Tullen Place 231m
Tweedfern Place 294m
Unifern Place 143m
Univale Place 081m
Uppingham Grove 534m
Upstone Place 076m
Vanlen Close 268m
Wallfern Close 575m
Waltham Road 165m
Wanslen Place 206m
Wareham Place 119m
Welham Place 096m
Westham Drive 1.095Km
Weylen Close 146m
Whetfern Road 889m
Whetstone Drive 1.172Km
Whitlen Cresent 339m
Wingfern Place 142m
Winlen Place 082m
Witham Place 148m
Woodham Place 078m
Woodstone Place 068m
Workingham Place 127m
Wyvale Place 364m
Yardvale Place 108m
Yorkvale Place 07m
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