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Westville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Westville is a town in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Westville
Distance from Westville to Durban
Distance from Westville to Hillary
Distance from Westville to Ixopo
Distance from Westville to Melmoth
Distance from Westville to Umzinto
Roads Near Westville
Roads / Streets in WestvilleRoad Length
200368 Street 088m
211464 Street 13m
211720 Street 107m
Albizia Place 813m
Belvedere Place 2m
Bruce Cresent 086m
Cecil Place 15m
Chester Terrace 266m
David Mclean Drive 4m
Dunbar Road 397m
Edgcot Road 1.41Km
Elm Road 123m
Elston Place 327m
Glendale Avenue 393m
Highfield Drive 501m
Huberta Road 096m
Huntley Place 119m
Jamieson Drive 241m
Jan Hofmeyer Road 3.057Km
Kangaloo Drive 185m
Kathleen Place 084m
King Cetshwayo E Offramp 3m
King Cetshwayo E Onramp 423m
King Cetshwayo W Offramp 327m
Leander Cresent 616m
Meerut Road 1.824Km
Mission Place 098m
Moffat Avenue 47m
Northcliffe Avenue 1.113Km
Park Drive 645m
Queens Avenue 131m
Regent Place 27m
Rhodes Avenue 1.053Km
Rockdale Avenue 053m
Rooikoppies Road 137m
Salisbury Avenue 439m
Shepstone Place 987m
Southfield Drive 353m
Starr Road 168m
Tudor Place 141m
Tureem Place 063m
University Road 1.046Km
Varsity Drive 2.149Km
Wandsbeck Road 702m
Westcliffe Avenue 174m
William Hart Place 141m
Windsor Avenue 389m
Woodlands Avenue 452m
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