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Westridge Attractions and Distance Calculations
Westridge is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Westridge
Direct Distance from Westridge to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 533 Km
Direct Distance from Westridge to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 498 Km
Direct Distance from Westridge to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1268 Km
Direct Distance from Westridge to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 684 Km
Direct Distance from Westridge to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 468 Km
Direct Distance from Westridge to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 488 Km
Direct Distance from Westridge to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 617 Km
Direct Distance from Westridge to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 680 Km
Roads Near Westridge
Roads / Streets in WestridgeRoad Length
120842 Street 057m
120936 Street 094m
120937 Street 056m
122046 Street 112m
122048 Street 111m
122049 Street 111m
122050 Street 062m
122054 Street 019m
Alan Paton Road 1.952Km
Amandlacrest Way 723m
Archer Cresent 596m
Asidlecrest Way 112m
Bank Terrace 593m
Bath Road 215m
Bexmore Place 059m
Bhalacrest Way 123m
Bidston Road 717m
Brewers Avenue 149m
Bristow Place 13m
Camden Avenue 068m
Caronia Road 742m
Celacrest Grove 107m
Charles Grove 224m
Charles Henwood Avenue 237m
Charles Strachan Road 151m
Che Guevara Road 028m
Clair Avenue 537m
Clark Road 1.849Km
Cohen Avenue 222m
Concord Avenue 214m
Crookit Avenue 334m
Dartmouth Avenue 089m
Daventry Place 13m
Delhi Avenue 484m
Denham Place 072m
Dorothycrest Road 061m
Ebor Avenue 46m
Elland Road 411m
Ellis Brown Road 426m
Essex Grove 339m
Exmouth Avenue 166m
Falmouth Avenue 138m
Felix Dlamini Road 634m
Fundacrest Close 038m
Garth Road 79m
Gillatts Cresent 284m
Gillatts Road 277m
Glen Grove 413m
Glenroy Road 101m
Glenturret Road 269m
Glenville Grove 197m
Glenwood Drive 494m
Grange Road 179m
Haraldene Road 336m
Helen Joseph Road 1.427Km
Helston Road 257m
Heywood Avenue 092m
Hillside Avenue 107m
Hlambacrest Place 11m
Imfundocrest Way 102m
Imizicrest Grove 118m
Inyathicrest Road 06m
J B Marks Road 63m
Jacques Road 154m
Kildare Road 532m
King Cetshwayo Highway 2.464Km
King Dinuzulu Road 1.864Km
Lamont Road 1.083Km
Lena Ahrens Road 1.907Km
Liliancrest Walk 392m
Lister Avenue 222m
Loudoun Road 324m
Lytton Avenue 164m
Lytton Grove 093m
Madura Grove 143m
Malcolm Road 369m
Manor Drive 573m
Manor Grove 138m
Marche Avenue 375m
Marists Road 433m
Maze Road 232m
Mazisi Kunene Avenue 616m
Merchiston Avenue 111m
Meyrick Avenue 22m
Minerva Grove 082m
Moore Road 026m
Msomicrest Way 057m
Mundy Avenue 226m
Muthaiga Place 22m
Newhaven Road 225m
Nsengwacrest Way 225m
Ntombelacrest Way 079m
Ntuthukocrest Way 047m
Nunhead Road 272m
Oakleigh Drive 549m
Owen Avenue 271m
Petersoncrest Way 054m
Philip Avenue 175m
Pholacrest Way 053m
Portsmouth Avenue 04m
Princess Alice Avenue 1.189Km
Princess Anne Place 13m
Qambacrest Way 055m
Queen Elizabeth Avenue 2.04Km
Rand Road 449m
Rhodes Avenue 336m
Rif Road 909m
Rosston Drive 153m
Rus Place 115m
Saxon Avenue 304m
Shirley Road 107m
Shuter Road 221m
Snowden Avenue 148m
Sthandocrest Way 098m
Thandacrest Close 125m
Thimulacrest Lane 151m
Thulacrest Drive 478m
Thungacrest Walk 064m
Tighard Avenue 485m
Tikiecrest Way 027m
Trimborne Road 168m
Vukacrest Lane 138m
Vusi Mzimela Road 2.605Km
Walter Place 173m
Weymouth Avenue 176m
Wheeler Road 276m
Wilson Avenue 07m
Woodlands Road 166m
Wrenbury Place 075m
Z K Matthews Road 2.172Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Westridge and their distance from Westridge
Banks in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-29.848441230.9998413
Cinemas in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
Laletsa Lodge-29.851423030.9901215
Hospitals in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
Entabeni Hospital-29.854770330.9871518
St Augustines Hospital-29.855468130.9916059
Hostels in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
Hotels in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
Ridgeview Lodge-29.855672330.9888780
Pubs in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
A Cabana-29.854478930.9967013
Restaurants in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
Ocean Basket-29.849405430.9995269
Circus Circus-29.848546930.9989920
Take Aways in WestridgeLatitude Longitude
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