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Westering Attractions and Distance Calculations
Westering is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Westering
Distance from Westering to Humewood
Roads Near Westering
Roads / Streets in WesteringRoad Length
Boshoff Street 698m
Bouganvillea Drive 2.323Km
Brand Street 435m
Cape Road 593m
Clarence Place 09m
Clarence Street 744m
De La Rey Street 22m
Delphinium Drive 1.199Km
Fourie Street 789m
Geranium Crescent 245m
Hawthorne 326m
Krause Street 183m
Laurie Street 144m
Martins Way 15m
Marylebone Road 292m
Moregrove Place 051m
Moregrove Road 25m
Papenkuils Street 1.543Km
Primula Street 185m
Salvia Crescent 1.797Km
Shamrock Street 274m
Taybank Road 247m
Van Riebeeck Street 93m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Westering and their distance from Westering
Banks in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-33.944175125.5170143
Cafes in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Coffea Robusta-33.944657025.5190613
Chemists in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Sunridge Place-33.954590025.5317200
Librarys in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Linton Grange Library-33.943978225.5152866
Petrol Stations in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in WesteringLatitude Longitude
NG Sonheuwels-33.937532725.5207737
St Marks-33.946388825.5227179
NG Sionsrand-33.937960025.5086072
Sacred Heart-33.942980025.5073520
Post Offices in WesteringLatitude Longitude
post_boxs in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Linton Grange-33.943487725.5133456
Pubs in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Keg and Swan-33.951338825.5270767
SGT Peppers-33.940186425.5018393
Schools in WesteringLatitude Longitude
Westering Primary School-33.936919925.5247999
St Marks School-33.946397525.5230967
Verkenner Primary School-33.941419925.5131199
Sunridge Primary School-33.952154225.5314700
Morningside High School-33.934809925.5041999
Take Aways in WesteringLatitude Longitude
McDonalds Linton Grange-33.942660825.5119616
Wimpy (Third Avenue)-33.946769025.5090172
Bamboo Snacks Chinese-33.940915125.5053086
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