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West Acres Attractions and Distance Calculations
West Acres is a suburb in South Africa, Mpumalanga
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Distance Calculations from West Acres
Direct Distance from West Acres to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 278 Km
Direct Distance from West Acres to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 301 Km
Direct Distance from West Acres to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1529 Km
Direct Distance from West Acres to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 486 Km
Direct Distance from West Acres to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 1076 Km
Direct Distance from West Acres to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 617 Km
Direct Distance from West Acres to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 711 Km
Direct Distance from West Acres to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 232 Km
Roads Near West Acres
Roads / Streets in West AcresRoad Length
Akwamaryn Street 536m
Alibama Street 964m
Amaryllis Street 547m
Amethys Street 229m
Apiesdoring Street 308m
Aragoniet Street 744m
Azuriet Street 344m
Basalt Street 071m
Belladonna Street 2.016Km
Beryl Street 036m
Besembos Street 746m
Blue Grass Street 263m
Boekenhout Street 1.027Km
Brittlewood Street 069m
Brown Ivory Street 159m
Butler Street 203m
Cambell Street 136m
Chilli Street 09m
Chlorite Street 095m
Cinnamon Street 237m
Clover Street 1m
Coffee Street 347m
Cussons Street 455m
Delta Street 472m
Diamond Street 056m
Dolomiet Street 397m
Dr Enos Mabuza Drive 4.796Km
Enos Mabuza Drive 086m
Erlank Street 291m
Eugene Marais Street 266m
Eybers Street 3m
Feijoa Street 211m
Felsites Street 105m
Figtree Street 1.295Km
Flint Street 154m
Geelhout Avenue 78m
Golden Avenue 435m
Granaat Street 237m
Graniet Street 2.17Km
Grosskopf Street 308m
Haakdoring Street 13m
Ibis Street 098m
Iron Street 065m
Jakaranda Avenue 202m
Jakkalsbessie Street 162m
Jasmyn Street 034m
Kaapschehoop road 752m
Karee Street 16m
Kelkkiewyn Street 978m
Kiaat Street 401m
Kinaboom Street 062m
Klapperboom Street 155m
Koraalboom Avenue 2.127Km
Kremetart Street 646m
Krige Street 33m
Kristal Street 301m
Langenhoven Crescent 608m
Latana Street 437m
Leadwood Street 208m
Lime Street 072m
Loerie Street 428m
Mahogany Street 084m
Malope Street 021m
Mandulia Street 503m
Marble Street 093m
Marina Street 116m
Marula Street 445m
Michelle Street 179m
Mika Street 052m
Mikro Street 065m
Mingerhout Avenue 103m
Moepel Street 202m
Mossie Crescent 352m
Nartjie Street 14m
Neshout Crescent 133m
Olienhout Street 073m
Onyx Street 097m
Opal Street 346m
Opperman Street 072m
Orange Street 38m
Percy Fitzpatrick Drive 2.787Km
Pine Avenue 18m
Pomelo Street 063m
Rietrier 113m
Rooiblom Street 15m
Ruby Street 306m
Saffier Crescent 632m
Sandsteen Street 387m
Savanna Street 094m
Sering Street 305m
Silver Oak Street 173m
Skalie Street 638m
Sneezewood Avenue 031m
Stamvrug Street 145m
Strydom Street 185m
Sysie Street 049m
Taaibos Street 066m
Tambotie Street 451m
Tangelo Street 522m
Tea Street 101m
Tinderwood Street 134m
Tintinkie Street 114m
Topaz Street 21m
Torbaniet Street 206m
Totius Crescent 781m
Trichilia Street 462m
Tundra Street 276m
Umbhaba Street 023m
Uvovo Avenue 021m
Valencia Street 748m
Visser Avenue 138m
Vyeboom Street 029m
Waterblom Street 157m
Ysterhout Street 136m
Zebrina Crescent 788m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in West Acres and their distance from West Acres
Cafes in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Mugg and Bean-25.472927330.9677014
Camp Sites in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Safubi Caravan Park-25.466168130.9470418
Chemists in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Colleges in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Ehlanzeni FET College-25.473370630.9598438
Dentists in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Hubert Kraftt Dentist-25.479376730.9702873
Hospitals in West AcresLatitude Longitude
M-Care Private Hospital-25.484428930.9517567
Nelspruit Mediclinic-25.494019430.9610779
Rob Ferreira Hospital-25.476460730.9706254
Hotels in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Formula 1-25.471554830.9605892
Nelspruit Lodge-25.484349230.9679134
Mecure Hotel-25.467851230.9554071
Nightclubs in West AcresLatitude Longitude
News Caf-25.474032130.9685992
Nursery Schools in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Kingdom kidz academy-25.474109030.9467928
Petrol Stations in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Imperial Motors-25.471776930.9596420
Place of Worships in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Calvary Assembly-25.472663830.9517020
Volle evangelies-25.479309530.9732914
post_boxs in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Schools in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Lowveld High School-25.479256530.9606979
Horskool Bergvlam-25.480969830.9642755
Laerskool Laeveld-25.493263730.9579043
St Peters Primary School-25.485929330.9704991
Take Aways in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Toilets in West AcresLatitude Longitude
Youth Clubs in West AcresLatitude Longitude
The Lighthouse-25.475857630.9679001
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