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Washington Heights Attractions and Distance Calculations
Washington Heights is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Washington Heights
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 527 Km
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 490 Km
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1252 Km
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 670 Km
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 452 Km
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 490 Km
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 601 Km
Direct Distance from Washington Heights to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 678 Km
Roads Near Washington Heights
Roads / Streets in Washington HeightsRoad Length
200001 Street 168m
200002 Street 093m
200003 Street 108m
200007 Street 054m
200008 Street 055m
200009 Street 058m
200010 Street 101m
200011 Street 09m
200012 Street 094m
200013 Street 066m
200014 Street 057m
200015 Street 056m
200016 Street 058m
200081 Street 149m
200082 Street 174m
200083 Street 172m
200084 Street 148m
200085 Street 147m
200086 Street 152m
200087 Street 196m
200088 Street 156m
200089 Street 174m
200090 Street 125m
200091 Street 064m
200092 Street 112m
200093 Street 096m
200094 Street 133m
200095 Street 126m
200096 Street 185m
200097 Street 134m
200098 Street 122m
200099 Street 168m
200100 Street 264m
200101 Street 09m
200102 Street 12m
200103 Street 068m
200115 Street 541m
211606 Street 066m
211708 Street 065m
47044 Track 1.06Km
47045 Track 129m
47884 Street 099m
47886 Street 093m
Amdokwe Street 133m
Bell Tower Road 1.147Km
Camellia Place 486m
Cassia Place 121m
Champak Place 128m
Chestnut Cresent 192m
Cilo Street 121m
Clivia Lane 169m
Cosmos Lane 115m
Dahlia Road 241m
Dambuza Road 898m
Damyanti Road 681m
Daya Bagwan Road 428m
Disa Cresent 285m
Duranta Place 17m
Fern Avenue 524m
Fig Tree Lane 362m
Gajra Terrace 172m
Grassmere Drive 1.24Km
Halleria Road 586m
Hansa Place 505m
Harish Road 676m
Hlanganisa Road 461m
Hlokohloko Street 204m
Ilex Road 588m
Intiyane Street 448m
Iphothwe Street 197m
Isomi Street 134m
Ithendele Street 1.006Km
Jacaranda Road 383m
Klebe Street 177m
Kwezi Road 776m
Lantana Place 12m
Luganda Road 1.67Km
Mabhabha Place 087m
Majuba Street 397m
Mamaya Road 606m
Mbabala Place 366m
Michelia Road 737m
Mtimande Place 12m
Nagina Drive 2.011Km
Ngududu Street 208m
Nixon Road 328m
Nkonjane Street 149m
Nozungeza Road 082m
Nsephe Road 254m
Ntethe Street 054m
Olive Grove 064m
Parkwood Cresent 831m
Petunia Place 346m
Phebko Street 218m
Pradeep Road 872m
Reagan Road 146m
Redwood Place 096m
S Gwala Street 235m
Syringa Place 213m
Thekwane Street 312m
Trishan Avenue 795m
Tulip Place 129m
Vimal Road 072m
Vukuthu Street 259m
Zwelabo Cresent 1.993Km
Zwelethu Road 723m
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