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Walmer Attractions and Distance Calculations
Walmer is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Walmer
Direct Distance from Walmer to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 949 Km
Direct Distance from Walmer to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 896 Km
Direct Distance from Walmer to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 660 Km
Direct Distance from Walmer to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 687 Km
Direct Distance from Walmer to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 543 Km
Direct Distance from Walmer to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1079 Km
Direct Distance from Walmer to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 589 Km
Direct Distance from Walmer to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1181 Km
Roads Near Walmer
Roads / Streets in WalmerRoad Length
3rd Avenue 857m
4th Avenue 976m
5th Avenue 1.364Km
6th Avenue 572m
7th Avenue 1.959Km
8th Avenue 1.641Km
9th Avenue 1.668Km
Albert Road 1.949Km
Caithness Road 265m
Caravelle Street 339m
Church Road 242m
Civic Lane 166m
Community Street 1.018Km
Fordyce Road 2.597Km
Hillbrow Place 162m
Lloyd Road 626m
Main Road 1.014Km
Moore Road 16m
Northcliff Avenue 394m
Outspan Road 928m
Plane Lane 171m
Prospect Road 2.516Km
River Road 1.119Km
Smallman Street 18m
St Johns Avenue 314m
St Johns Close 041m
Union Road 1.535Km
Villiers Road 1.743Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Walmer and their distance from Walmer
Banks in WalmerLatitude Longitude
First National Bank-33.979850725.5839502
Standard Bank-33.978467125.5837125
Bed and Breakfasts in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Annes Bed and Breakfast-33.975885725.5864091
Ikhwezi Bed and Breakfast-33.987531225.5899848
Cafes in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Cafe Ro-Ann-33.980532125.5942320
The Corner Cafe-33.975020025.5931600
The Hedges Coffee Shop-33.980010025.5803100
Petit Four Cafe-33.975835325.6039405
Guest Houses in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Villa Chameleon-33.978448525.5911697
The Garden Cottage-33.974198725.5943305
Terracotta Lodge-33.982491625.5865592
39 On Church-33.972949225.5897021
Myrls Place-33.972673425.5928639
Dempseys Guest House-33.972210025.5898500
Woodpark Lodge-33.981833725.5837181
River Road Guest House-33.970816825.5887561
Garden Cottage-33.980990625.5818205
The 17 on 5th Guest House-33.980230025.6004300
Oak Tree Cottage-33.977526425.5803414
The Kloof Guest House-33.968760025.5948100
Villa Afrique-33.979072725.6041632
Nottingham Country House-33.979010025.6046200
Jon Jen Guest House-33.976417525.6044936
Manor House Guest House-33.976346325.6050283
Lodge on Main Guest House-33.982117425.5769002
Palm Springs Guest House-33.968704225.6003801
Treetops Guest House-33.978468925.6076679
Hallack Manor Guest House-33.965588725.6009915
Heugh Road Guest Lodge-33.975410025.6091400
Hazeldene Guest House-33.976096925.6096238
Mill House Guest House-33.962480025.5888700
Linkside Lodge-33.963642825.5818219
Millbury Guest House-33.961587425.5901967
Sir Roys Guest House-33.982818425.5705969
Hotels in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Ibhayi Guest Lodge-33.979813625.5827711
Librarys in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Walmer Library-33.978259625.5845029
Nightclubs in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in WalmerLatitude Longitude
St John the Baptist-33.975645625.5846488
NG Walmer-33.977090925.6027087
Police Stations in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Walmer Police Station-33.978854725.5847224
Pre-schools in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Walmer Pre Primary School-33.974019925.5856299
Pubs in WalmerLatitude Longitude
The Zebra Pub and Grub-33.979272125.6080748
Aviators Pub and Grub-33.982677625.6101547
Restaurants in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Villa Da Valley Harvest-33.978082125.5940906
Bobbys Food Emporium-33.982490825.5895881
The Blue Orange-33.979171725.6018719
Guidos Heugh Road-33.976770025.6059000
Admirals Restaurant-33.975033525.6098953
Canton Restaurant-33.982614325.5705203
Schools in WalmerLatitude Longitude
Clarendon Park Primary-33.973345825.5865994
Walmer Secondary School-33.985719925.5887299
Walmer Primary School-33.986029925.5927599
Grey Junior School-33.961595825.5968756
Grey Boys High School-33.961209725.5951708
Linkside High School-33.963477125.5787712
Take Aways in WalmerLatitude Longitude
JB Chinese-33.981766725.5955705
Debonairs (Walmer)-33.980507225.5990580
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