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Vrededorp Attractions and Distance Calculations
Vrededorp is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Vrededorp
Direct Distance from Vrededorp to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1260 Km
Direct Distance from Vrededorp to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 503 Km
Direct Distance from Vrededorp to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 895 Km
Direct Distance from Vrededorp to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 370 Km
Direct Distance from Vrededorp to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 307 Km
Direct Distance from Vrededorp to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 427 Km
Direct Distance from Vrededorp to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 293 Km
Roads Near Vrededorp
Roads / Streets in VrededorpRoad Length
10th Street 531m
11th Street 543m
12th Street 532m
13th Street 532m
14th Street 545m
15th Street 391m
16th Street 465m
1st Avenue 643m
2nd Street 397m
3rd Street 525m
4th Street 528m
5th Avenue 264m
5th Street 527m
6th Street 4m
7th Street 352m
8th Street 531m
9th Street 531m
Annet Road 468m
Bunting Road 877m
Caroline Street Extension 1.03Km
Clifton Street 626m
De La Rey Street 492m
Enoch Sontonga Avenue 73m
Gousblom Street 196m
Hull Street 504m
Krause Street 1.358Km
Leeu Bekkie Avenue 307m
Rus Road 218m
Smit Street 3.01Km
Solomon Street 1.647Km
Stilte Street 26m
Subway Road 525m
Suikerbos Street 378m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Vrededorp and their distance from Vrededorp
Banks in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Bars in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Capello Bar-26.203124728.0312054
Bus Stations in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Power House Station-26.195781728.0378810
Cafes in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Cafe Fino-26.192979628.0281602
Dulce Cafe-26.192620428.0302583
News Cafe-26.191188028.0383572
Chemists in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Garden City Clinic-26.197184528.0041287
Hotels in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Milner Park Hotel-26.194242828.0346497
Hotel Devonshire-26.192611328.0359613
LHotel Lamunu-26.193628928.0364088
Museums in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Workers Museum-26.203070428.0321836
Nightclubs in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Ino Nightclub-26.194745428.0316166
Parkings in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Arbour Square-26.194487628.0367349
Petrol Stations in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Engen Tom Campher Motors-26.184322828.0122722
Caltex Jorrisen-26.193338228.0321333
Total Braamfontein-26.193625428.0331863
Place of Worships in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Holy Trinity Church-26.192545428.0329713
Post Offices in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Brixton Post Office-26.194910627.9997806
post_boxs in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Brixton post boxes-26.194968527.9987570
Pubs in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Milner Park Hotel-26.194349128.0346447
Nikis Oasis-26.202067828.0326305
#1 Bar-26.195793828.0372445
Public Buildings in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Centre for Policy Studies-26.195133628.0307834
Physics building-26.191781228.0312629
Chemistry Building-26.192152528.0313669
Wits School of the Arts-26.192003028.0325786
Restaurants in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Romans Pizza-26.199791828.0114368
Sophiatown Bar Lounge-26.203236728.0315238
Schools in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Rand Girls School-26.188207828.0362138
Stations in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Bridge Diner-26.194613828.0328538
Captain Fish-26.194792727.9991315
Sandwitch Baron-26.182640928.0036524
London Pie-26.182600728.0035590
Tourist Attractions in VrededorpLatitude Longitude
Brixton Tower-26.192471128.0069526
Sci Bono Centre-26.204599428.0329769
The Turbine Hall-26.203115528.0346818
World Of Beer-26.204202828.0340990
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