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Voorbrug Attractions and Distance Calculations
Voorbrug is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Voorbrug
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1296 Km
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1249 Km
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 639 Km
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 897 Km
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1519 Km
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 821 Km
Direct Distance from Voorbrug to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1534 Km
Roads Near Voorbrug
Roads / Streets in VoorbrugRoad Length
Adcock Street 115m
Akkerdraai Singel 816m
Algoa Street 195m
Alpha Street 137m
Alto Avenue 159m
Andalusia Avenue 272m
Anesta Avenue 094m
Appleby Street 351m
Arendkop Circle 384m
Armada Street 334m
Avontuur Avenue 087m
Beaver Street 114m
Bellevue Street 226m
Bergsig Avenue 14m
Bethels Street 383m
Bloemendal Crescent 438m
Blompot Street 045m
Blueberry Street 112m
Blyhoek Avenue 082m
Bodraai Street 36m
Bogan Street 153m
Bonfoi Close 054m
Bonnybrack Street 089m
Brisbane Road 202m
Cadotte Street 06m
Cauca Street 106m
Chari Street 046m
Charlo Street 659m
Churchill Street 212m
Colorado Street 085m
Columbia Street 078m
Coway Street 169m
Craighall Avenue 096m
Cubango Street 161m
Danube Street 395m
Delson Avenue 105m
Digteby Crescent 208m
Dolfi Street Road 046m
Dormershire Avenue 136m
Drummond Street 323m
Dwars In Die Weg Close 04m
Edelweiss Avenue 174m
Eendrag Crescent 239m
Eikenhof Place 022m
Elsenburg Straat 104m
Etona Street 18m
Excelsior Street 231m
Fairhaven Avenue 292m
Felicia Street 214m
Fernglen Street 169m
Fernkloof Crescent 22m
Fillmore Crescent 18m
Fillmore Street 469m
Fiongart Crescent 207m
Foxwold Street 136m
Framesby Street 237m
Gelvandale Street 456m
Glenhurd Street 336m
Gletwyn Street 251m
Goodeve Crescent 165m
Groenland Street 17m
Halfway Street 268m
Hartenberg Straat 43m
Hay Lane 029m
Helderzicht Close 065m
Helvetica Street 179m
Hindle Road 1.363Km
Houmoed Street 191m
Humerail Street 194m
Ica Lane 029m
Inkblom Crescent 191m
Kabega Street 337m
Keerweder Street 512m
Klawervlei Crescent 177m
Klidale Crescent 179m
Korsten Crescent 29m
Kruisvallei Street 158m
Kwazakhele Crescent 273m
La Provence Avenue 28m
Lentelus Avenue 264m
Longmead Street 063m
Longridge Crescent 248m
Louisvale Street 204m
Lovemore Street 439m
Lyngrove Street 208m
Macduff Street 092m
Madiba Crescent 131m
Malgas Street 127m
Mangold Street 459m
Marbon Close 032m
Marloth Street 127m
Maybrook Street 418m
Meerlust Street 185m
Melrose Crescent 129m
Millwood Street 135m
Mintwood Street 085m
Miramar Street 178m
Misty Street 139m
Montagu Avenue 123m
Monte Avenue 078m
Moonbeam Crescent 325m
Morning Street 132m
Nuwerus Street 248m
Oakdale Street 449m
Ouplaas Crescent 665m
Parson Crescent 161m
Perdekloof Street 045m
Pinewood Avenue 165m
Portberg Street 127m
Prima Vera Crescent 229m
Prinshof Street 191m
Protem Street 13m
Remhoogte Street 228m
Rendevous Crescent 153m
Ridgemoor Street 285m
Rietpoel Street 042m
Rosendal Street 196m
Rowallan Crescent 739m
Ruens Street 045m
Savora Street 266m
Silversands Main Road 467m
Silversands Road 1.646Km
Skoonsig Avenue 185m
Somerlus Avenue 175m
Springerskuil Street 104m
Stapelkop Street 127m
Stormvlei Street 13m
Strandveld Street 323m
Sunridge Street 2m
Swartkops Street 319m
Teslaarsdal Street 045m
Theescombe Street 021m
Tradouw Street 129m
Vogelvlei Main Road 733m
Walmer Crescent 156m
Waterblom Main Street 083m
Waterblom Street 091m
Watford Street 27m
Westbank Main Road 1.249Km
Westering Street 158m
Weybridge Street 217m
Wolvengat Street 127m
Wydgelee Crescent 485m
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