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Vincent Attractions and Distance Calculations
Vincent is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Vincent
Distance from Vincent to Saxilby
Roads Near Vincent
Roads / Streets in VincentRoad Length
Alfred Road 307m
Balfour Road 624m
Balmoral Road 231m
Bauhinia Drive 1.159Km
Brookhurst Gardens 1m
Brownlee Road 186m
Buchholtz Street 29m
Carter Road 349m
Cavindish Road 241m
Cornwall Road 166m
Dean Place 084m
Devon Road 165m
Donald Road 391m
Dorset Place 101m
Dorset Road 327m
Durham Road 281m
Edkins Road 074m
Feb Road 133m
Florence Avenue 626m
Frere Road 1.173Km
Hannah Place 11m
Kent Road 292m
King George Road 267m
Lake Street 287m
Lancaster Road 286m
Larkspur Place 136m
Linaria Place 135m
Lowe Street 441m
Malin Road 308m
Neale Road 374m
Northview Crescent 306m
Oakhill Road 657m
Panarama Place 054m
Preston Avenue 718m
Princes Road 238m
Pryse Street 133m
Rissling Street 593m
Rochester Road 257m
Sandhamring Road 28m
Seaforth Road 186m
Selborne Road 144m
Somerset Road 178m
Stockton Road 432m
Surrey Road 632m
Sussex Road 262m
Tranmere Road 077m
Vincent Gardens Angle 289m
Vincent Gardens Avenue 1.312Km
Vincent Gardens North 542m
Vincent Gardens Rise 466m
Vincent Place 276m
Warwick Road 416m
William Avenue 306m
York Road 295m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Vincent and their distance from Vincent
Banks in VincentLatitude Longitude
Bidvest Bank-32.983845927.9024069
African Bank-32.970995127.9000692
Capitec Bank-32.970342327.8986315
FNB Bank-32.970356027.8972472
Cafes in VincentLatitude Longitude
Mugg and Bean-32.971225627.9008843
Caf Bella-32.971063427.9008631
Dego Cafe-32.971221127.9003157
Casinos in VincentLatitude Longitude
Hemingways Casino-32.970528327.9019464
Cellphone Towers in VincentLatitude Longitude
Cell Tower-32.990856427.9240957
Chemists in VincentLatitude Longitude
Vincent Family Pharmacy-32.983629727.9041882
Dischem Hemingways-32.971108527.8998329
Link Berea Pharmacy-32.993621627.9124410
Cinemas in VincentLatitude Longitude
Clinics in VincentLatitude Longitude
Medicross East London-32.993500127.9072536
Cambridge Clinic-32.978014627.8895227
Hospitals in VincentLatitude Longitude
Saint Marks Hospital-32.996500227.9036520
Hotels in VincentLatitude Longitude
Road Lodge-32.990545927.8929293
Ice Cream Shops in VincentLatitude Longitude
Friesland Milk Bar-32.970933127.9008521
Librarys in VincentLatitude Longitude
Vincent Library-32.982457027.9023917
Petrol Stations in VincentLatitude Longitude
Kempston Fuel-32.983310327.9200592
BP Berea EL-32.993014227.9113198
Auto Tyres-32.974514827.8938559
222 Service Station-32.995875027.9030621
Alex Motors-32.974891027.8900385
Place of Worships in VincentLatitude Longitude
NG Kerk Oos-Londen-Noord-32.984935027.9106276
Berea Baptist Church-32.990663027.9093662
Police Stations in VincentLatitude Longitude
Cambridge Police Station-32.979364627.8980199
Post Offices in VincentLatitude Longitude
Vincent Post Office-32.983854927.9026161
Cambridge Post Office-32.974720027.8922165
Restaurants in VincentLatitude Longitude
Mugg and Bean-32.983355227.9039092
Ocean Basket-32.983661527.9035659
Cafe Avanti-32.983567027.9033242
Primi Piatti-32.971257127.9012923
Cape Town Fish Market-32.971180627.9002352
Las Vegas Spur-32.970541327.9006807
Silver Eagle Spur-32.993702627.9101772
Schools in VincentLatitude Longitude
Port Rex Technical High-32.985142727.9116977
Hudson Park Primary-32.983162827.9160321
Hudson Park High-32.985718727.9158605
Selborne Primary-32.988683127.9002142
Laerskool Nahoon-32.983288427.9265662
Stirling Primary School-32.991487127.9215253
Stations in VincentLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in VincentLatitude Longitude
Curry Muncher-32.983553727.9041933
King Pie-32.981449027.9004283
Hungry Lion-32.981638027.9004391
Fish and Chip Co-32.971261627.9004712
Pie City-32.970852127.9001333
Scooters Pizza-32.992969427.9102681
Veterinarians in VincentLatitude Longitude
Berea Veterinary Clinic-32.992049127.9096076
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