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Umbilo Attractions and Distance Calculations
Umbilo is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Umbilo
Distance from Umbilo to Eshowe
Distance from Umbilo to Howick
Distance from Umbilo to Mandini
Roads Near Umbilo
Roads / Streets in UmbiloRoad Length
Alpha Close 118m
Alpha Crescent 685m
Birkenhead Road 162m
Blanche Grove 173m
Boxley Place 211m
Brettonwood Avenue 604m
Brisbane Road 115m
Buxton Gardens 264m
Byron Place 111m
Castle Cresent 189m
Cunningham Road 244m
Drake Road 125m
Dryden Place 111m
Fennis Close 254m
Fenniscowles Road 1.064Km
Figtree Place 057m
Fleming Johnston Road 407m
Gadshill Place 216m
Gower Street 205m
Harriettwood Cresent 35m
Hastings Road 103m
Hereward Road 137m
Holmes Road 314m
Hurley Road 161m
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Freeway 4.515Km
Kennard Rise 328m
Kuyt Road 08m
Latham Gardens 222m
Leeds Road 34m
Lorraine Avenue 252m
Marigny Road 198m
Marshall Grove 632m
Meller Cresent 187m
Meyer Gardens 168m
Newstead Avenue 207m
Oiliver Lea Drive 2.328Km
Perth Place 145m
Pinewood Gardens 371m
Prospect Road 935m
River Drive 647m
Ruskin Place 113m
Sarnia Road 2.858Km
Seaforth Road 151m
Shelley Place 235m
Siedle Road 229m
Solomon Mahlangu Drive 2.75Km
South Coast Road 448m
Stanley Road 411m
Stellawood Road 71m
Teignmouth Road 548m
Umbilo Road 4.176Km
Walter Saville Place 091m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Umbilo and their distance from Umbilo
Hospitals in UmbiloLatitude Longitude
King Edward III Hospital-29.881694630.9909155
Petrol Stations in UmbiloLatitude Longitude
Total Southway Mall-29.897622030.9733158
Stations in UmbiloLatitude Longitude
Sea View-29.900302430.9612507
Take Aways in UmbiloLatitude Longitude
Universitys in UmbiloLatitude Longitude
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