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Troyeville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Troyeville is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Troyeville
Distance from Troyeville to Vereeniging
Roads Near Troyeville
Roads / Streets in TroyevilleRoad Length
4th Street 286m
5th Street 113m
7th Street 151m
8th Street 218m
9th Street 218m
Albrecht Street 31m
Angle Road 384m
Beacon Street 294m
Beaufort Street 171m
Beelaerts Street 405m
Beit Street 256m
Betsy Street 739m
Bezuidenhout Avenue 83m
Charles Street 182m
Clarence Street 49m
Commissioner Street 654m
Cornelia Street 509m
Curry Street 156m
Dawie Street 252m
Erin Street 282m
Error Street 26m
Ford Street 54m
Fox Street 235m
Gous Street 331m
Gus Street 221m
Height Street 192m
Janie Street 222m
Joe Slovo Drive 1.667Km
Karl Street 079m
Lower Page Street 141m
Lower Ross Street 299m
Madison Street 137m
Main Street 2.909Km
Market Street 693m
Marshall Street 2.208Km
Miller Street 773m
Old Heidelberg Road S 063m
Op De Bergen Street 251m
Overbeek Street 236m
Park Street 228m
Pearce Street 452m
Pretoria Street 474m
Shore Street 093m
South Park Lane 166m
Upper Railway Road 516m
Van Beek Street 292m
Voorhout Street 441m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Troyeville and their distance from Troyeville
Art Gallerys in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Arts on Main-26.204178428.0574780
Arts Centres in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Johannesburg Art Gallery-26.197034228.0470390
Bus Stops in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Fashion Square Southbound-26.201104828.0505890
Fashion Square Southbound-26.201838028.0505069
Old Synagogue Westbound-26.194181328.0497981
Old Synagogue Eastbound-26.193563728.0497472
Fashion Square Northbound-26.202077528.0487946
Johannesburg Art Gallery-26.195429228.0479862
Carlton Eastbound-26.203971728.0481526
Carlton Westbound-26.204758128.0483039
Cinemas in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Hotels in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Royal Park Hotel-26.194950928.0513932
Maxime Hotel-26.195747328.0510136
Hotel Constantia-26.196067728.0490198
Grande Hotel-26.201575128.0483275
Johannesburger Hotel-26.194159128.0483362
Court Hotel-26.188633528.0516255
Fontana Inn-26.193596028.0483414
Rand Inn Hotel-26.200340428.0472743
Diplomat Hotel-26.200001528.0470224
Hotel Moulin Rouge-26.190356428.0490693
Place of Worships in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Old Synagogue-26.193974028.0493920
Police Stations in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Yeoville Police Station-26.182437528.0626077
Pubs in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
The Voice-26.194125628.0490209
Peoples Palace-26.188329828.0528451
Cardiff Arms-26.188172228.0524620
Olympic Bar-26.190044328.0485227
Restaurants in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Stations in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Ellis Park-26.198805128.0589683
George Goch-26.207626928.0806698
Take Aways in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
London Pie-26.201695828.0466163
Theatres in TroyevilleLatitude Longitude
Alahambra Theatre-26.194557828.0584986
Windybrow Theatre-26.192119728.0508054
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