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Tokai Attractions and Distance Calculations
Tokai is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Tokai
Distance from Tokai to Hout Bay
Distance from Tokai to Karoo National Park rest camp
Distance from Tokai to Karoo National Park
Roads Near Tokai
Roads / Streets in TokaiRoad Length
Almond Road 132m
Alphonso Road 104m
Anderson Close 282m
Beech Street 19m
Bergzicht Circle 331m
Birchwood Lane 259m
Blue Crane Way 111m
Bluegum Lane 501m
Bothwell Close 052m
Brocker Way 142m
Buckingham Close 042m
Buckingham Road 144m
Chester Road 15m
Clingendael Close 12m
Conifer Road 08m
Cormorant Crescent 175m
Cornuta Avenue 52m
Crystal Avenue 081m
Dalmore Boulevard 049m
Dennedal Avenue 357m
Donough Road 089m
Ebony Road 369m
Elm Street 096m
Fiford Crescent 232m
Fir Lane 359m
Forest Hills Avenue 2m
Gild Lane 073m
Glenbrae Avenue 268m
Glenugie Avenue 193m
Greenwood Walk 183m
Highlands Avenue 262m
Ivy Lane 21m
Joubert Avenue 111m
Lismore Avenue 896m
Lowlands Avenue 052m
Mountain View Crescent 448m
Mulder Close 051m
Myrtle Road 372m
Norfolk Road 21m
Oakley Road 101m
Orpen Road 277m
Paddock Lane 092m
Palm Street 342m
Perth Road 087m
Pine Road 287m
Pleasant Place 306m
Plover Lane 067m
Resthaven Drive 306m
Rossouw Close 063m
Rushmore Way 103m
Sandberry Avenue 129m
Spurwing Way 027m
Steenberg Road 151m
Stephen Road 125m
Stonepine Close 043m
Sugarbird Lane 197m
Sunwood Drive 396m
Susan Way 185m
Sussex Road 097m
Tern Lane 255m
Thatch Close 042m
Tokai Road 851m
Trellis Road 176m
Tudor Road 318m
Van der Poll Avenue 297m
Victoria Close 073m
Vista Nova Avenue 127m
Watson Road 242m
Waxbill Lane 171m
Youngs Way 18m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Tokai and their distance from Tokai
Chemists in TokaiLatitude Longitude
Forest Glade Pharmacy-34.061908018.4350020
Reddam Pharmacy-34.073109018.4318257
Hospitals in TokaiLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in TokaiLatitude Longitude
St James Church-34.063357218.4442882
Police Stations in TokaiLatitude Longitude
Kirstenhof SAPS-34.072089518.4551585
Restaurants in TokaiLatitude Longitude
Cattle Baron-34.064866718.4570741
Acapulco Spur-34.048824618.4543337
Stations in TokaiLatitude Longitude
Tourist Attractions in TokaiLatitude Longitude
Die Oog-34.048546718.4475620
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