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Tijgerhof Attractions and Distance Calculations
Tijgerhof is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Tijgerhof
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1300 Km
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1264 Km
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 653 Km
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 903 Km
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1525 Km
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 825 Km
Direct Distance from Tijgerhof to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1537 Km
Roads Near Tijgerhof
Roads / Streets in TijgerhofRoad Length
Angas Road 08m
Barrow Road 374m
Bolmear Road 374m
Boundary Road 226m
Breezand Road 382m
Bremer Street 327m
Bridgeway 428m
Burchell Road 18m
Cambridge Close 235m
Century Boulevard 2.625Km
Century Circle 902m
Century Drive 183m
Century Grove 141m
Century Link 137m
Century on Lake 286m
Century Place Boulevard 154m
Century Way 686m
Chepstowe Road 351m
Crane Lane 043m
Cummings Road 253m
Curlew Lane 083m
Daniel Road 849m
De Grendel Road 595m
Egret Close 347m
Elffers Road 194m
Emerald Way 059m
Energy Lane 053m
Fairbridge Road 271m
Fitzpatrick Road 563m
Francoline Avenue 151m
Galton Road 205m
Glanville Road 421m
Heritage Close 259m
Heritage Way 217m
Heron Way 058m
Houtman Road 102m
Ibex Street 151m
Ibis Walk 031m
Impala Street 032m
Jeppe Street 149m
Kinetic Way 148m
Latrobe Road 203m
Layard Road 147m
Marloth Road 323m
Martell Street 283m
Masson Road 329m
Meurant Road 206m
Nieuhof Road 149m
North Bank Lane 182m
Pelican Lane 093m
Penning Road 087m
Percival Road 157m
Plover Close 115m
Pringle Road 1.81Km
Quigley Road 187m
Quo Vadis Road 094m
Ratanga Road 1.272Km
Reitz Street 206m
Rialto Road 234m
Rider Haggard Street 2m
Sable Road 1.012Km
Sandpiper Close 033m
Service Lane 193m
Skyliner Avenue 784m
Spurwing Avenue 232m
St Pierre Crescent 381m
The Colosseum 194m
The Grange 304m
The Tuscans 196m
Theal Road 4m
Tijgerhof Street 365m
Valentyn Road 814m
Villa Italia 085m
Wayfarer Avenue 339m
Wilmot Road 252m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Tijgerhof and their distance from Tijgerhof
Bus Stations in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Woodbridge Island-33.883190918.4913202
Links View-33.871929218.4954520
Cafes in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Vida e Caffe-33.893188218.5061737
Car Rentals in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Chemists in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Nu Metro-33.892932218.5102009
Guest Houses in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Ratanga Lodge Guest House-33.881481018.5116107
Hospitals in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Brooklyn Chest Hospital-33.900168118.4848807
Hotels in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Protea Hotel Colosseum-33.893508818.5063079
Protea Hotel Island Club-33.892118618.5090279
Mellingtons Lodge-33.880707118.5115875
Formule 1-33.871643918.5050183
Lighthouses in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Lighthouse-33.881714318.4877830
Nursery Schools in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Tiny Bubbles Play School-33.880479818.5053000
Petrol Stations in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Caltex Midmar-33.872120618.5045424
Place of Worships in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Baptist Church-33.885552718.5077341
Police Stations in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Milnerton Police Station-33.875565118.5018071
post_boxs in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Waterstone East Post Box-33.885638118.5147669
Pubs in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Time Square Cafe-33.893404018.5059967
Sables Bar & Bistro-33.880362318.5045505
Restaurants in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Mama Roma-33.893676118.5063235
Mexico Spur-33.892612618.5099318
Taiwan City-33.893800918.5091885
Cape Town Fish Market-33.892199218.5103876
Cattle Baron-33.893823218.5093109
Primi Piatti-33.893645718.5095294
Utah Spur-33.881379618.5097784
Wang Thai-33.891273918.4834891
Stations in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Century City-33.901328618.5115359
Take Aways in TijgerhofLatitude Longitude
Pizza Piazza-33.881159518.5086732
Tong Lok-33.892654618.5100883
Canal Wok-33.892801818.5102989
Calamari King-33.892869718.5104038
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