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Thornton Attractions and Distance Calculations
Thornton is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Thornton
Distance from Thornton to Golden Valley Casino
Distance from Thornton to Worcester
Roads Near Thornton
Roads / Streets in ThorntonRoad Length
Acacia Road 147m
Agric Street 319m
Arixoma Road 381m
Arum Way 073m
Assegaai Road 343m
Azalea Crescent 242m
Biggar Street 073m
Bowden Road 378m
Butts Lane 084m
Cedar Road 413m
Chestnut Street 197m
Coral Tree Road 333m
Cradock Street 072m
Crassula Road 073m
Denneboom Avenue 545m
Disa Way 064m
Elm Road 218m
Ericson Close 02m
Ficus Road 285m
Flamboyant Place 072m
Forest Drive Extension 516m
Frey Close 02m
Gardenia Crescent 324m
Hawthorne Crescnet 273m
Heldersig Road 611m
Hibiscus Street 107m
Jacaranda Crescent 243m
Karreeboom Road 729m
Keurboom Road 165m
Magnolia Crescent 174m
Mail Street 481m
Manatoka Avenue 017m
Matopo Road 487m
Mimosa Crescent 213m
Oak Avenue 191m
Odin Close 021m
Odin Drive 471m
Oleander Crescent 279m
Oranje Street 243m
Palm Street 18m
Peerboom Avenue 205m
Pieke Road 317m
Pittosporum Avenue 252m
Plane Avenue 626m
Poplar Avenue 082m
Protea Road 498m
Raven Close 021m
Redgum Avenue 013m
Reyger Road 21m
Rifle Range Road 64m
Rooikrans Road 174m
Safari Road 32m
Seemeeu Road 283m
Showground Avenue 641m
Silveroak Avenue 557m
Sipres Avenue 1.007Km
Stella Road 077m
Swartberg Street 072m
Syringa Crescent 282m
Tambotie Road 243m
Techno Crescent 676m
Tecoma Crescent 567m
Townsend Street 467m
Vanguard Drive 3.557Km
Viking Close 202m
Viking Way 3.505Km
Voortrekker Road 237m
Vuurpyl Crescent 324m
Watsonia Road 421m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Thornton and their distance from Thornton
Banks in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-33.925106618.5504451
Fire Stations in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Epping Fire Station-33.927588618.5428361
Librarys in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Goodwood Library-33.911386218.5508573
Petrol Stations in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
BP Thornton-33.926653518.5394865
Place of Worships in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Pinelands Baptist Church-33.933390618.5187190
Post Offices in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Post Office-33.925691918.5499140
Schools in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Thornton Primary School-33.922763118.5369008
La Gratitude Pre-Primary-33.933130618.5182176
Stations in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Townhalls in ThorntonLatitude Longitude
Goodwood City Hall-33.911057218.5507500
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