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The Reeds Attractions and Distance Calculations
The Reeds is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from The Reeds
Distance from The Reeds to Bosch Appliances
Distance from The Reeds to Curro Monaghan Independent School
Distance from The Reeds to Pretoria National Botanical Garden
Distance from The Reeds to Thatchfield
Roads Near The Reeds
Roads / Streets in The ReedsRoad Length
Alice Street 855m
Amanda Street 168m
Annelie Street 321m
Anton Avenue 503m
Attie Street 055m
Bedford Street 333m
Bekker Street 544m
Bernadi Street 834m
Beukes Street 367m
Beverly Street 461m
Blackbeard Street 301m
Bosman Street 099m
Bothrill Avenue 1.043Km
Bradley Street 419m
Brakfontein Road 2.878Km
Cedric Street 533m
Charter Street 496m
Cherrywood Close 051m
Cherrywood CLose 014m
Clayton Street 319m
Craven Street 561m
Crossley Street 222m
David Street 403m
Dawie De Villiers Street 451m
De Nyschen Ave 284m
Diana Circle 458m
Diederich Street 486m
Doreen Street 445m
Dormehl Street 417m
Du Rand Street 096m
Edna Avenue 216m
Elarne Street 17m
Esm?½ Street 096m
Estelle Street 309m
Eva Street 328m
Evelyn Avenue 421m
Evert Avenue 324m
Florrie Street 311m
Frans Street 653m
Hano Street 093m
Helena Avenue 241m
Hoewe Street 078m
Ida Street 409m
Immelman Street 47m
Isabel Street 457m
Jan Ellis Street 571m
Jaqueline Street 1.144Km
John Street 096m
Jones Street 211m
Katz Street 449m
Kobus Street 281m
Konstantyn Street 197m
Laventelbos Street 085m
Mara Street 102m
Markotter Street 1.143Km
Markus Street 157m
Marquard Street 709m
Morne Street 229m
Mulder Street 477m
Nadia Street 087m
Neil Street 394m
Osche Street 593m
Oslen Street 186m
Overberg Avenue 116m
Panorama Road 1.404Km
Porter Street 222m
Pytilia Street 219m
Quinton Avenue 388m
Reinette Street 319m
Rietspruit Road 733m
Rob Louw Street 573m
Rocco Street 096m
Roux Street 441m
Santie Avenue 404m
Scharia Street 808m
Standloper Ave 994m
Stead Avenue 666m
Strydom Street 234m
Sysie Road 494m
Tanya Street 602m
Uitsig Drive 2.047Km
Van Eeden Street 285m
Van Noordwyk Street 287m
Van Schoor Street 304m
Versveld Street 459m
Victor Street 333m
Warburton Street 607m
William Street 295m
Wilma Street 393m
Wilson Street 182m
Yelanda Street 949m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in The Reeds and their distance from The Reeds
Banks in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
J.A. Greyling-25.895334528.1497887
Chemists in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
Alpha Pharm-25.893799428.1373658
Hospitals in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
Panorama Animal Clinic-25.893360828.1366397
Medi Park-25.894350128.1429008
Nursery Schools in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
Regio Pre-School-25.892950128.1388165
Petrol Stations in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
NG Rooihuiskraal-25.896780028.1484300
Post Offices in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
The Reeds-25.894184028.1423431
Pubs in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
Snake & Reeds-25.907710028.1408000
Restaurants in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
The Rasoi-25.907962228.1408627
Take Aways in The ReedsLatitude Longitude
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