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The Hague Attractions and Distance Calculations
The Hague is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from The Hague
Direct Distance from The Hague to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1295 Km
Direct Distance from The Hague to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1248 Km
Direct Distance from The Hague to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from The Hague to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 640 Km
Direct Distance from The Hague to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 897 Km
Direct Distance from The Hague to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1518 Km
Direct Distance from The Hague to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 821 Km
Direct Distance from The Hague to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1533 Km
Roads Near The Hague
Roads / Streets in The HagueRoad Length
Aerobat Street 523m
Airbus Street 285m
Airco Street 18m
Alouette Crescent 219m
Ambassador Street 173m
Amsterdam Road 313m
Anreith Avenue 612m
Apple Lane 188m
Arundel Drive 1.74Km
Avon Close 029m
Ayre Close 03m
Bain Close 047m
Barracuda Street 429m
Beaver Street 157m
Beechcraft Street 129m
Belhar Drive 1.481Km
Bergzicht Crescent 43m
Beriev Street 219m
Bird Street 103m
Bloch Street 225m
Bloemendal Avenue 492m
Bloemhof Crescent 155m
Bobcat Street 053m
Boeing Street 38m
Boomerang Street 174m
Brandwag Road 173m
Brandwag Weg 235m
Buffalo Crescent 675m
Buren Lane 182m
Caledon Close 036m
Canberra Circle 602m
Cannon Close 031m
Castle Lane 186m
Catalina Street 133m
Cessna Street 212m
Chapel Close 041m
Cherokee Street 058m
Combrink Street 129m
Comet Street 205m
Commodore Street 534m
Condor Street 153m
Coronado Street 29m
Cougar Street 058m
Cross Close 044m
Crusader Crescent 479m
De Haviland Street 156m
De Korte Close 041m
De Mist Avenue 759m
Delft Main Road 779m
Douglas Crescent 501m
Drakenstein Way 243m
Drommedaris Weg 226m
Dulles Road 977m
Dwarseind Close 033m
Electra Street 067m
Fort Worth Road 709m
Foxbat Street 108m
Frere Close 04m
Frost Close 052m
Gatwick Road 73m
Gloster Street 089m
Gotha Street 781m
Grant Close 062m
Halifax Street 174m
Hanover Avenue 398m
Harrier Street 134m
Hawker Street 133m
Heathrow Road 437m
Helderberg Road 183m
Hofmeyr Road 139m
Huguenot Way 128m
Hunter Street 193m
Javelin Street 057m
Jetstar Crescent 138m
Junker Crescent 636m
Kanala Lane 192m
Kanonkop Weg 12m
Keisergracht Way 174m
Koopman Road 067m
Lancaster Street 393m
Lanzerac Crescent 156m
Leerdam Singel 398m
Lerjet Street 051m
Lewis Road 165m
Liesbeek Way 184m
Lightning Street 052m
Lockheed Street 114m
Market Street 166m
Matroosberg Crescent 453m
Merwede Weg 243m
Milner Way 207m
Mohawk Street 051m
Morgenzon Street 167m
Mosquito Lane 13m
Moth Street 05m
Mustang Circle 435m
Nantes Place 086m
Navarre Crescent 435m
Nederberg Crescent 432m
Nederland Street 261m
Neptune Crescent 416m
Nord Street 052m
Oranje Weg 188m
Paardeberg Crescent 344m
Paardeberg Singel 245m
Panther Street 053m
Papendorf Weg 159m
Park Close 038m
Phantom Crescent 816m
Pioneer Street 052m
Piper Street 051m
Platteklip Crescent 378m
Premier Slot 097m
Puma Street 053m
Riebeek Street 235m
Roodezand Weg 212m
Rumpler Street 342m
Schiphol Road 579m
Silversands Road 527m
Stellenbosch Road 193m
Tafelberg Weg 206m
The Hague Avenue 2.109Km
Tornado Circle 052m
Vergelegen Lane 183m
Vickers Street 15m
Viscount Street 404m
Vuurlelie Crescent 285m
Waveren Street 061m
Wellington Street 157m
Witzenburg Link 064m
Zeppelin Street 145m
Zonnebloem Laan 206m
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Belhar SAPS-33.947000618.6487443
Delft SAPS-33.974646918.6422610
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