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Temple Valley Attractions and Distance Calculations
Temple Valley is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Temple Valley
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 518 Km
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 484 Km
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1284 Km
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 705 Km
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 472 Km
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 465 Km
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 620 Km
Direct Distance from Temple Valley to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 659 Km
Roads Near Temple Valley
Roads / Streets in Temple ValleyRoad Length
20119 Road 057m
20220 Street 1.134Km
20221 Street 72m
20222 Street 493m
20223 Street 816m
20224 Street 285m
20225 Street 137m
20226 Street 071m
20227 Street 113m
20228 Street 101m
20229 Street 097m
20230 Street 047m
20231 Street 364m
20232 Street 21m
20233 Street 156m
20234 Street 083m
20235 Street 08m
20236 Street 076m
20237 Street 021m
20238 Street 046m
20239 Street 069m
20240 Street 068m
20241 Street 068m
20242 Street 068m
20243 Street 068m
20244 Street 112m
20245 Street 053m
20251 Street 129m
20257 Street 031m
20267 Street 173m
6000019 Street 048m
600016 Street 107m
600017 Street 151m
600018 Street 068m
610145 Street 178m
610146 Street 137m
610147 Street 099m
610148 Street 127m
610149 Street 092m
610150 Street 139m
610151 Street 214m
610153 Street 175m
610318 Street 037m
610361 Street 069m
610362 Street 052m
610363 Street 102m
610364 Street 052m
610365 Street 033m
610377 Street 818m
610381 Street 103m
Aloe Road 1.093Km
Azad Lane 252m
Balgobind Place 062m
Bat Road 303m
Bear Road 04m
Bird Road 194m
Buck Road 265m
Carsula Drive 322m
Cassia Road 878m
Charnwood Road 791m
Cheetah Road 239m
Crocodile Road 1.861Km
Crow Road 193m
Dolphin Road 205m
Donkey Road 116m
Dove Road 09m
Duck Road 051m
End Street 162m
Finch Road 11m
Harmony Close 109m
Hawk Road 756m
Hibiscus Road 532m
Holly Lane 237m
Horse Road 132m
Jackal Road 1.651Km
Jasmine Road 661m
Leopard Road 164m
Lotus Road 995m
Luxmi Road 534m
Maiters Lane 188m
Ostrich Road 026m
Owl Road 205m
Pakco Street 447m
Partridge Road 134m
Petunia Close 368m
Plover Road 084m
Primrose Road 152m
Protea Road 093m
Rabbit Road 494m
Republic Street 464m
Riverview Road 178m
Sparrow Road 359m
Swallow Road 082m
Talwantsing Road 426m
Templewood Close 111m
Thistle Road 839m
Tiger Road 616m
Tirupathy Drive 433m
Todco Road 361m
Tower Road 499m
Turkey Road 064m
Valdin Cresent 523m
Valley View Road 1.246Km
Warbler Road 083m
Woodpecker Street 504m
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