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Temperance Town Attractions and Distance Calculations
Temperance Town is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Temperance Town
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1294 Km
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1246 Km
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1239 Km
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 617 Km
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 892 Km
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1513 Km
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 820 Km
Direct Distance from Temperance Town to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1532 Km
Roads Near Temperance Town
Roads / Streets in Temperance TownRoad Length
Admirals Way 511m
Agapanthus Crescent 458m
Albatross Way 274m
Aldrin Street 169m
Amaryllis Stree 403m
Apollo Way 101m
Armstrong Street 247m
Avondrus Straat 434m
Babiana Close 127m
Barleria Close 111m
Beach Road 26m
Berg Road 809m
Berties Close 04m
Bickley Street 3m
Blue Waters Way 344m
Bluegum Avenue 329m
Bobby Locke Close 144m
Bolusii Close 083m
Bredell Street 18m
Britton Lane 098m
Buccaneer Way 313m
Bulbine Street 158m
Burton Street 173m
Calypso Way 117m
Chapman 122m
Chapman Avenue 494m
Clipper Crescent 208m
Clivia Road 709m
Collins Street 153m
Compagnion Way 282m
Cornwall Street 508m
Crinum Close 072m
Dennehof Drive 1.21Km
Dennehof Road 544m
Devon Road 593m
Dierama Close 097m
Dolphin Way 631m
Dombeya Crescent 331m
Drommedaris Road 582m
Duiker Close 08m
Faure Marine Drive 3.352Km
Felencia Crescent 292m
Firlands Minor Road 2.992Km
Firwood Way 569m
Flamingo Close 067m
Freesia Crescent 375m
Garden Crescent 147m
Garden Road 255m
Gary Player Close 094m
Gladiolus Crescent 294m
Goeie Hoop Road 189m
Gondola Way 24m
Grandiseps Street 191m
Green Way 327m
Grens Straat 157m
Grens Weg 1.438Km
Herfs Straat 144m
Heron Close 066m
Hillside Road 25m
Industria Road 291m
Ixia Close 036m
Link Road 192m
Link Way 116m
Luna Way 343m
Mansfield Crescent 637m
Miller Street 026m
Milnerton Road 327m
Nelson Crescent 293m
New Road 529m
Oregon Lane 16m
Oxalis Close 047m
Plato Lane 216m
Podalria Street 26m
Restio Close 181m
Rhus Street 609m
Riverside Avenue 544m
Roos Straat 747m
Ryger Road 24m
Ryger Street 733m
Sandpiper Close 067m
School Street 197m
Sea Way 474m
Seascape Crescent 378m
Shanghai Way 088m
Shearwater Crescent 232m
Sir Lowry Road 21m
Sir Lowrys Pass Road 4.931Km
Somerset Road 755m
St John Street 054m
St Thomas Close 136m
St Thomas Street 049m
Strelitzia Street 455m
Sunset Drive 671m
Swart Street 112m
Swing Road 138m
The Water Way 523m
Trafalgar Way 198m
Van der Byl Straat 231m
Verbena Way 062m
Watsonia Street 476m
Watt Street 79m
Wildeboom Way 057m
Windjammer Way 115m
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