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Summerstrand Attractions and Distance Calculations
Summerstrand is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Summerstrand
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 948 Km
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 895 Km
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 667 Km
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 683 Km
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 544 Km
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1077 Km
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 591 Km
Direct Distance from Summerstrand to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1181 Km
Roads Near Summerstrand
Roads / Streets in SummerstrandRoad Length
10th Avenue 423m
11th Avenue 365m
1st Avenue 186m
2nd Avenue 1.7Km
3rd Avenue 198m
4th AVenue 283m
5th Avenue 873m
6th Avenue 36m
7th Avenue 1.161Km
8th Avenue 377m
9th Avenue 354m
Admiralty Crescent 521m
Admiralty Way 1.568Km
Avonmouth Crescent 696m
Bangor Street 106m
Beach Street 167m
Ben Viljoen Road 605m
Beyers Road 572m
Bird Rock Drive 509m
Blackpool Street 103m
Bognor Street 628m
Bournemouth Street 389m
Bradley Road 704m
Brewer Road 81m
Brighton Drive 1.496Km
Bude Street 148m
Bulbring Road 765m
Burger Street 108m
Cardiff Street 337m
Erasmus Drive 1.922Km
Folkstone Street 102m
Frykenhuis Street 299m
Gomery Place 661m
Hattingh Road 39m
Ivana Road 755m
Jenvey Road 898m
Keiskama Street 262m
Kock Street 275m
Kolbe Crescent 389m
Kritzinger Road 226m
Kuruman Kloof 636m
Louis Botha Crescent 1.519Km
Margate Street 111m
Marine Drive 721m
Maritz Road 344m
McWilliams Road 446m
Miller Street 144m
Nobbs Road 721m
Percy Owen Close 076m
Percy Owen Street 265m
Plymouth Street 109m
Prion Lane 1m
Rubin Crescent 1.196Km
Scarborough Street 327m
Scott Street 269m
Sheringham Street 235m
Skegness Road 726m
Southport Road 316m
St. Croix Drive 318m
Strandfontein Road 2.029Km
Summerwood Crescent 767m
Tee Street 094m
Tenby Street 109m
Tern Crescent 057m
Tibury Street 11m
Tiran Road 765m
Torquay Street 25m
Torr Street 113m
University Way 705m
Vigne Road 893m
Wessels Road 176m
Whitbey Street 216m
Winchester Way 287m
Zenios Place 599m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Summerstrand and their distance from Summerstrand
Banks in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Standard bank-33.987208825.6681087
Bed and Breakfasts in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Africa Beach B&B-33.985614625.6623390
Langes B&B-33.992548625.6728826
Ekhaya B&B-33.999493925.6481525
Bus Stops in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
5th Avenue-33.983351025.6654039
5th Avenue-33.983542625.6662077
2nd Avenue-33.982382425.6612216
Shark Rock Pier-33.981730625.6594312
Tibury Street-33.994393425.6716716
11th Avenue-33.990274525.6743011
11th Avenue-33.990734025.6750131
North Campus-34.003304725.6697297
North Campus-34.003415425.6699361
Cafes in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Milky Lane-33.982885925.6576841
Tiffanys Tea Garden-33.977737425.6509319
Cellphone Towers in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Algoa FM-33.983396725.6586372
Chalets in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Blu Be Guest Suites-33.990930025.6746600
Chemists in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Summerstrand Pharmacy-33.987615825.6677229
Cinemas in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Nu Metro-33.983832625.6592058
Guest Houses in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Eagles Rest Guest House-33.989201225.6612408
Aquila Guest House-33.988942625.6630027
@47 Guest House-33.992201125.6592876
Brighton Lodge-33.986037225.6636851
The Village Guest Lodge-33.987499725.6666601
Abalone Guest House-33.985060025.6615600
Stones Throw-33.985930025.6652400
Summerstrand Cottage-33.994532925.6644766
Jabula Lodge-33.991219025.6556848
Wilmas Guest House-33.985770025.6654000
Hobie Beach Guest House-33.984583425.6614998
Le Fishermans-33.985348225.6652033
Kalizas Place-33.995116725.6642206
Manor 38-33.988501425.6682131
The Palace Guest House-33.984304925.6615025
Margate Place Guest House-33.985409325.6658551
Cape Flame Guest House-33.986325425.6671543
Aloe Beach House-33.984067125.6608482
Anchorage Guest House-33.985020025.6661500
Fifth Avenue Beach House-33.984490025.6651800
Park Avenue Guest House-33.996620025.6606400
Bedford Guest House-33.989084625.6696643
Access Guest House-33.985225325.6674755
First Avenue Lodge-33.983136825.6598614
Summerstrand Beach Lodge-33.987600025.6697400
At Sta Plus Guest House-33.988660025.6701200
Al Beit Lodge-33.996160925.6665011
6 Little Bundle-33.982906425.6593061
Singa Lodge-33.989026125.6705037
Admirals Lodge-33.996100025.6669100
Scarborough Lodge-33.989840025.6708300
Tiran Guest House-33.993008925.6702850
Wilmot Cottages-33.994289925.6695728
Kingfisher Guest House-33.991343725.6711815
Bournville Guest Cottages-33.990780025.6721700
GB Guest House-33.989389525.6723027
Villa Tuscana-33.988625225.6508264
Palmbeach Guest House-33.989750025.6730400
Bethel Guest House-33.999419625.6608564
Avocet Guest House-33.992696525.6730984
Summer Place Guest House-33.999674025.6593196
Admiralty Beach House-33.991910025.6739900
The Sunset Guest House-33.997682225.6530078
Cottage Retreat-33.998177525.6532685
Kasama Lodge-33.987060025.6466800
Summer Blue Guest House-33.994834925.6468541
Cosy Guest Cottages-33.996440025.6471700
40 Winks Guest House-33.996033925.6459133
Hotels in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Kings Tide Boutique Hotel-33.989407825.6701001
Protea Marine Hotel-33.984334125.6667700
Beacon Lodge-33.988780025.6709200
Radisson SAS Hotel-33.987459925.6710654
Road Lodge-33.981117925.6565891
Courtyard Hotel-33.980278025.6556412
City Lodge Port Elizabeth-33.980060025.6537997
Summerstrand Inn Hotel-33.993660125.6763214
Brookes Hill Suites-33.978791825.6510692
The Chapman Manor-33.978542425.6491489
The Kelway Hotel-33.979035225.6481653
Formula One Hotel-33.977752125.6479270
Garden Court Kings Beach-33.977589325.6466939
Museums in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Nursing Homes in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Cheshire Homes-34.000028525.6659179
Petrol Stations in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
NG Somerstrand-33.996057225.6596788
Church of the Way-33.995392025.6716535
Pubs in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
The Beach Hotel-33.982112625.6588987
Buffalo Bills-33.979281725.6527707
retirement_homes in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Duncan Ferguson Park-33.988012425.6644470
Dunant Park Lodge-33.989728125.6658753
Kruger Gardens-33.997429025.6629584
Ockie Oosthuizen Flats-33.997082125.6648571
Walton Park-33.994562425.6724199
Take Aways in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Red Windmill-33.980280225.6570187
McDonalds - Humewood-33.976901125.6476137
Tourist Attractions in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
Piet Retief Monument-33.986019425.6694235
Universitys in SummerstrandLatitude Longitude
NMMU 2nd Avenue Campus-33.988430125.6582175
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