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Steenberg Attractions and Distance Calculations
Steenberg is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Steenberg
Distance from Steenberg to Bellville
Distance from Steenberg to Rawsonville
Roads Near Steenberg
Roads / Streets in SteenbergRoad Length
Abraham Avenue 228m
Agate Close 098m
Amber Road 112m
Avenue La Brenton 212m
Bark Street 194m
Blue Fin Avenue 118m
Boland Way 112m
Botma Street 726m
Buttermere Road 138m
Carp Close 088m
Celie Road 281m
Chasmante Close 062m
Chief Road 294m
Choir Street 246m
Coniston Avenue 3m
Constance Road 186m
Coot Drive 265m
Cormorant Avenue 117m
Crystal Road 112m
Derwent Crescent 369m
Diamond Drive 042m
Emerald Crescent 306m
Fauna Road 114m
Florida Road 287m
Franz Square 144m
Frome Crescent 069m
Galilee Close 071m
Galilee Road 039m
Garda Close 044m
Garnet Crescent 63m
Geloof Way 161m
Geneva Road 186m
Gluck Street 204m
Grens Street 315m
Handel Street 148m
Haydn Street 153m
Henley Road 387m
Heron Road 202m
Ivory Close 101m
Jade Lane 122m
Jamieson Close 081m
Jasper Street 195m
Leervis Close 089m
Lomond Crescent 225m
Lucerne Crescent 166m
Lute Avenue 409m
Mandolin Square 282m
Manitoba Road 225m
Military Road 839m
Moonstone Crescent 169m
Mullet Close 181m
Muritz Way 163m
Orchestra Street 561m
Oudevlei Place 675m
Pelican Drive 291m
Powell Road 215m
Ravel Street 383m
Red Roman Way 2m
Rosequartz Street 086m
Rossini Street 286m
Ruby Crescent 341m
Salem Road 158m
Sand Olive Road 059m
Saxo Street 4m
Serenade Road 183m
Shearwater Drive 898m
Shell Road 069m
Springer Close 109m
Squaw Road 35m
Steenberg Close 049m
Topaz Street 152m
Turquoise Crescent 229m
Uitsig Road 475m
Ullswater Road 135m
Verdi Street 251m
Wagner Way 448m
Wentzel Road 249m
Winnipeg Road 05m
Yellowstone Crescent 175m
Zee Close 084m
Zircon Circle 183m
Zither Street 235m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Steenberg and their distance from Steenberg
Banks in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-34.086404618.4571385
Cafes in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Sostanza Coffee Shop-34.090678918.4611515
charitys in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
The Link-34.083531418.4812470
Living Hope-34.086401518.4831996
Chemists in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Fire Stations in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Lakeside Fire Station-34.087006518.4577270
Librarys in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Vrygrond Library-34.083122618.4838262
Petrol Stations in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Kirstenhof SAPS-34.072089518.4551585
Post Offices in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Capricorn Postoffice-34.088644918.4815500
Pubs in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Toad on the Road-34.083568718.4552047
Recycling Depots in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Woolworths Recycling-34.090838618.4616046
Restaurants in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Cattle Baron-34.064866718.4570741
Mama Roma Tralloria-34.090559018.4612830
Schools in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Capricorn Primary School-34.084153418.4872165
Stations in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Fishermans Lane-34.088664018.4816309
Tourist Attractions in SteenbergLatitude Longitude
Sea Scout Base-34.088473518.4662425
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