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Stanmore Attractions and Distance Calculations
Stanmore is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Stanmore
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 520 Km
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 485 Km
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1278 Km
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 699 Km
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 468 Km
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 470 Km
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 617 Km
Direct Distance from Stanmore to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 663 Km
Roads Near Stanmore
Roads / Streets in StanmoreRoad Length
109172 Street 114m
121588 Street 069m
121589 Street 218m
121679 Street 381m
122089 Street 116m
Allerford Road 1.021Km
Applewood Place 082m
Arkhaven Place 099m
Avonford Cresent 89m
Avonside Place 084m
Bankford Grove 92m
Barford Place 317m
Barthaven Place 135m
Batonmore Cresent 1.608Km
Bengrove Place 49m
Berghaven Road 551m
Birchmore Place 331m
Blackhaven Grove 279m
Bowside Road 336m
Brailsford Avenue 696m
Bramford Road 904m
Brayford Avenue 1.302Km
Brigbury Place 126m
Brighthaven Place 108m
Broadgrove Avenue 649m
Cairngrove Place 196m
Camphaven Road 868m
Capeford Cresent 35m
Cardgrove Place 261m
Chadbury Close 458m
Cherrywood Avenue 885m
Cillagrove Cresent 733m
Claramore Place 102m
Clarecroft Place 108m
Cleargrove Road 336m
Clearhaven Close 373m
Cliffbury Place 138m
Closemore Cresent 297m
Clubside Close 522m
Corngrove Road 328m
Cornside Close 115m
Cotford Place 363m
Cotsmore Place 102m
Courtbury Place 153m
Creamhaven Place 124m
Cretemore Road 405m
Cricklewood Gardens 218m
Deanmore Place 118m
Deltagrove Place 181m
Desford Place 116m
Devonmore Place 248m
Dewside Close 276m
Diphaven Place 151m
Dipside Road 306m
Dodmore Road 246m
Doveside Place 102m
Downhaven Road 255m
Drumhaven Place 193m
Eaglewood Close 18m
Edgebury Road 55m
Eiderwood Close 119m
Elfgrove Way 265m
Elmhaven Place 148m
Elmswood Gardens 349m
Elsford Road 447m
Evanbury Place 141m
Evenside Road 579m
Fieldhaven Grove 278m
Flatside Close 088m
Foresthaven Drive 1.526Km
Galomore Road 34m
Gildcroft Close 275m
Glencroft Place 486m
Goodhaven Circle 369m
Grandmore Road 684m
Gridhaven Road 093m
Grove End Drive 161m
Hammerwood Road 327m
Hannaford Drive 1.61Km
Hartside Place 125m
Heathbury Place 488m
Helmcroft Cresent 746m
Highside Place 08m
Homeside Place 132m
Hornbury Cresent 229m
Innerford Place 265m
Ironhaven Place 13m
Kingside Place 282m
Kylemore Close 789m
Ladhaven Place 082m
Lanbury Place 279m
Lancegrove Circle 557m
Lawnhaven Avenue 862m
Loftside Place 081m
Longbury Drive 3.441Km
Loophaven Road 283m
Magmore Place 103m
Meltonwood Cresent 259m
Milkhaven Place 325m
Montmore Road 64m
Napford Cresent 345m
Nashmore Place 358m
Northbury Avenue 1.214Km
Novacroft Place 065m
Oldside Place 275m
Ormford Place 396m
Palmford Place 381m
Palmhaven Place 168m
Palmside Place 138m
Paveside Circle 371m
Peachwood Close 189m
Pearlgrove Place 2m
Pegasus Street 298m
Plumside Close 162m
Posthaven Place 123m
Redgewood Place 088m
Reedhaven Place 083m
Reedside Road 259m
Rentford Road 181m
Ricemore Place 075m
Ridgecroft Drive 871m
Ringhaven Circle 305m
Ringwood Avenue 1.057Km
Rinkford Road 379m
Rosehaven Road 727m
Rosewood Place 082m
Rudmore Road 446m
Rueford Avenue 657m
Rushbury Place 23m
Sagegrove Place 36m
Sancroft Close 107m
Seahaven Place 122m
Shinford Place 177m
Shortside Place 086m
Sledgrove Close 62m
Southbury Avenue 1.285Km
Spanbury Place 075m
Spireside Road 347m
Spurhaven Cresent 344m
Spurside Road 488m
Stanmore Drive 258m
Starhaven Place 321m
Sterngrove Avenue 59m
Sunford Drive 1.617Km
Swallowhaven Road 885m
Tallhaven Place 146m
Theomore Cresent 453m
Tiffmore Close 776m
Tollbury Place 138m
Townside Road 283m
Treehaven Place 092m
Trekhaven Road 32m
Trimford Place 165m
Trustmore Place 191m
Tunbury Place 258m
Turncroft Road 467m
Unigrove Place 142m
Uppercroft Road 408m
Valeford Road 149m
Valehaven Gardens 45m
Vanside Cresent 356m
Viewhaven Drive 2.127Km
Wagonwood Close 106m
Wayside Cresent 313m
Webside Close 165m
Westside Road 4m
Weycroft Avenue 675m
Whitford Road 742m
Wingford Way 211m
Winside Road 434m
Woodview Drive 955m
Wrexcroft Road 486m
Wynbury Circle 482m
Yaleside Gardens 339m
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Mount Edgecombe-29.704232531.0325938
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