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St. Wendolins Attractions and Distance Calculations
St. Wendolins is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from St. Wendolins
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 527 Km
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 491 Km
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1254 Km
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 673 Km
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 454 Km
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 490 Km
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 603 Km
Direct Distance from St. Wendolins to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 678 Km
Roads Near St. Wendolins
Roads / Streets in St. WendolinsRoad Length
200268 Street 241m
200269 Street 613m
200270 Street 112m
200271 Street 174m
200272 Street 271m
200273 Street 082m
200274 Street 073m
200275 Street 073m
200276 Street 062m
200277 Street 213m
200278 Street 219m
200279 Street 067m
200280 Street 097m
200281 Street 305m
200282 Street 24m
200283 Street 155m
211592 Street 1.093Km
211593 Street 158m
211594 Street 057m
211595 Street 116m
211604 Street 055m
211605 Street 038m
211607 Street 063m
211608 Street 057m
211713 Street 197m
211714 Street 219m
211715 Street 378m
47360 Street 569m
47364 Street 21m
47801 Street 165m
47802 Street 082m
47803 Street 086m
47804 Street 066m
47805 Street 067m
47806 Street 138m
47807 Street 106m
47808 Street 103m
47809 Street 106m
47810 Road 176m
47811 Street 083m
47812 Street 114m
47813 Street 107m
47814 Street 121m
47815 Street 113m
47816 Street 105m
47817 Street 097m
47818 Street 092m
47819 Street 07m
47820 Street 084m
47821 Street 132m
47822 Street 144m
47823 Street 145m
47824 Street 146m
47825 Street 082m
47826 Street 117m
47827 Street 265m
47828 Street 133m
47829 Street 088m
47830 Street 066m
47831 Street 151m
47833 Street 269m
47834 Street 264m
47835 Street 094m
47836 Street 102m
47837 Street 134m
47838 Street 191m
47840 Street 284m
47841 Street 289m
47845 Street 073m
47846 Street 112m
47847 Street 169m
50395 Track 559m
50396 Track 748m
Baylis Place 151m
Bheka Road 349m
Bumbano Road 068m
Cele Place 214m
Dabe Road 524m
Dlabazana Road 359m
Dladla Place 247m
Dua Place 266m
Dubazane Road 258m
Duma Close 055m
Duze Place 076m
Fuheka Place 166m
Funda Road 923m
Fuze Cresent 291m
Goba Road 181m
Gwala Place 074m
Henry Pennington Road 1.897Km
Hlanganani Road 412m
Hlonipha Road 087m
Impangele Road 1.141Km
Intuthuko Road 925m
Isizinda Road 2.752Km
J Skhakane Road 157m
Jabulani Street 534m
Joyinani Close 102m
Khanyile Road 162m
Khaya Road 898m
Khutala Road 232m
Lindokuhle Street 16m
Lusaka Road 132m
Madlala Road 092m
Makhunga Place 061m
Mamba Close 06m
Maphoyama Road 077m
Masheshisa Cresent 4m
Mathobela Place 108m
Mbalenhle Street 187m
Mbheki Road 345m
Mbonambi Close 089m
Mbovu Place 144m
Mbovu Road 019m
Mbuyaze Close 083m
Mfeme Road 398m
Mgobhozi Place 235m
Mgonswane Street 109m
Mhlaba Place 089m
Mission Road 397m
Mizizi Place 204m
Mkhonto Road 072m
Mnyamathi Drive 109m
Mpala Place 099m
Mpumalanga Street 683m
Msilingi Road 165m
Msomi Close 099m
Msovayathi Road 224m
Munga Place 132m
Mzamo Road 322m
Ngcamu Place 238m
Ngcobo Road 066m
Ngena Road 2.046Km
Nkonka Place 118m
Nkonzo Road 211m
Nkuzi Close 09m
Nogwaja Place 182m
Nqama Place 157m
Ntobela Place 129m
Ntshonalonga Street 245m
Nxele Cresent 1.351Km
Nyamazane Road 09m
Phumphele Street 1.09Km
Qhamuka Close 152m
Shayamoya Road 1.122Km
Sikhakhane Place 089m
Sinqobile Place 094m
Sinqobile Street 099m
Siyabonga Place 085m
Siyathuthuka Road 12m
Sotobe Cresent 189m
Station Place 086m
Thandanani Cresent 457m
Thandaza Street 091m
Thokaza Road 081m
Thumbeza Road 138m
Xaba Road 578m
Zakwe Place 157m
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