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Southport Attractions and Distance Calculations
Southport is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Southport
Distance from Southport to Port Shepstone
Roads Near Southport
Roads / Streets in SouthportRoad Length
Acacia Road 1.022Km
Aloe Road 35m
Bell Road 08m
Berea Road 976m
Burma Road 97m
Cedar Crescent 115m
Chestnut Road 138m
Coral Place 194m
Downing Street 216m
End Road 1m
Gall Street 619m
Golf Road 209m
Hazel Road 41m
Lawrence Road 353m
Manaba Road 09m
Milkwood Drive 298m
Ocean Drive North 775m
Pumula Terrace 797m
Sally Avenue 263m
Short Street 071m
Station Way 676m
Strelitzia Road 158m
Teak Road 117m
Umhlangankulu Drive 658m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Southport and their distance from Southport
Camp Sites in SouthportLatitude Longitude
Marlon Holiday Resort-30.668081530.5081750
Petrol Stations in SouthportLatitude Longitude
Southport Service Station-30.677500630.5041863
Restaurants in SouthportLatitude Longitude
Sayidi Farm Coffee Shop-30.698084530.4903984
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