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Southfield Attractions and Distance Calculations
Southfield is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Southfield
Direct Distance from Southfield to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1312 Km
Direct Distance from Southfield to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1265 Km
Direct Distance from Southfield to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1270 Km
Direct Distance from Southfield to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 654 Km
Direct Distance from Southfield to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 914 Km
Direct Distance from Southfield to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1535 Km
Direct Distance from Southfield to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 837 Km
Direct Distance from Southfield to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1549 Km
Roads Near Southfield
Roads / Streets in SouthfieldRoad Length
Alduwa Road 278m
Andrew Road 086m
Aureole Close 071m
Avenue du Midi 292m
Avenue Normandy 31m
Avocet Street 401m
Baartmans Street 24m
Banier Road 411m
Bergzig Street 461m
Blackbird Avenue 805m
Blumenau Avenue 127m
Bramley Road 423m
Bridge Close 108m
Broxburn Road 204m
Bush Road 198m
Cassino Road 762m
Cerise Road 476m
Concord Street 186m
Coombe Road 594m
Corlie Road 167m
Crane Road 076m
Dalbor Road 383m
De La Rey Road 302m
De Waal Road 1.183Km
De Waal Road Service Road 21m
Dirkie Uys Street 483m
Egret Road 121m
Eighth Avenue 41m
Elm Road 217m
Elva Road 151m
Eric Viljoen Road 489m
Erie Road 145m
Fanshawe Road 124m
Flintdale Road 881m
Forest Road 566m
Garda Road 306m
Greenville Road 257m
Groenewald Road 362m
Gull Close 108m
Hanley Road 365m
Heath Road 475m
Henshawe Road 27m
Hobhouse Street 134m
Hoosin Parker Street 602m
Hyde Road 649m
Ivy Road 485m
Jan Smuts Road 229m
Kestrel Street 173m
Kestrel Way 208m
Kingfisher Road 452m
Kingsway Road 376m
Langenhoven Street 197m
Ledore Road 143m
Legas Road 189m
Leonard Street 154m
Liberty Street 231m
Lilian Avenue 34m
Lime Road 188m
Lotterberg Street 171m
Louis Trichard Street 262m
Lourier Street 724m
Malgas Street 287m
Maprin Road 167m
Marion Avenue 145m
Maritz Street 155m
Meeu Street 163m
Monty Road 313m
Murdine Street 238m
Myderd Street 108m
Myrtle Road 208m
Namaqua Street 107m
Naruna Crescent 709m
Ninth Avenue 362m
Normandy Crescent 431m
Panton Road 1.049Km
Parkside Road 105m
Parkwood Avenue 582m
Parkwood Walk 116m
Paul Kruger Street 339m
Pelican Path 059m
Pengem Road 152m
Penguin Road 074m
Pers Road 321m
Pretorius Street 327m
Prince Charles Road 186m
Prince George Drive 4.93Km
Prince George Drive Service Road 203m
Prince Henry Crescent 397m
Prince William Street 151m
Princess Royal Street 173m
Princess Vlei Road 1.328Km
Queens Close 06m
Renee Avenue 246m
Rule Road 126m
Sandpiper Road 223m
Seaton Road 417m
Skew Road 193m
Southey Road 143m
Sovereign Road 419m
Steyn Street 125m
Studley Road 191m
Sutton Road 294m
Teal Road 336m
Tegul Road 289m
Tenth Avenue 227m
Thrush Lane 06m
Van Sande Road 115m
Van Vuuren Road 229m
Victoria Road 2.897Km
Victoria Road Service Road 161m
Walmer Road 599m
Wattle Road 495m
Wepener Street 151m
Werda Road 284m
Willow Road 581m
Wolmarans Street 286m
Wood Way 116m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Southfield and their distance from Southfield
Place of Worships in SouthfieldLatitude Longitude
Masjid Ahmediyah-34.043236018.4917858
Police Stations in SouthfieldLatitude Longitude
Diep River SAPS-34.031487118.4648787
Grassy Park SAPS-34.048729918.4953578
Restaurants in SouthfieldLatitude Longitude
Spur Restaurant-34.022578618.4683956
Stations in SouthfieldLatitude Longitude
Diep River-34.035439218.4670469
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