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South End Attractions and Distance Calculations
South End is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from South End
Distance from South End to Daku Road
Roads Near South End
Roads / Streets in South EndRoad Length
1st Avenue 373m
2nd Avenue 658m
Airport Road 657m
Allister Miller Drive 1.507Km
Anderson Street 166m
Baakens Street 404m
Balfour Street 21m
Breton Street 129m
Brickmakers Kloof 055m
Bridge Street 119m
Butters Avenue 089m
Carnavon Place 115m
Cudmore Street 072m
Duncan Avenue 198m
Emily Street 317m
Ernest Walter Avenue 365m
Fordyce Road 146m
Forest Hill Drive 66m
Frere Close 188m
Girdlestone Street 179m
Humewood Road 088m
Inchcape 131m
Karmin Drive 563m
Kinsley Close 083m
Lawhill Road 287m
Lea Place 57m
Mitchell Street 889m
Newcon Road 321m
Oakworth Road 373m
Partridge Avenue 097m
Perrot Avenue 509m
Pier Street 89m
Sayre Crescent 25m
Settlers Way 1.53Km
South Union Street 542m
Stromberg Street 056m
Upper Valley Road 671m
Valley Road 854m
Victoria Park Drive 849m
Victoria Quay Street 732m
Walmer Boulevard 3.414Km
Webber Street 139m
Wyndham Lane 11m
Wyndham Street 254m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in South End and their distance from South End
Bed and Breakfasts in South EndLatitude Longitude
Park Place-33.963873525.6157867
10 on Cape-33.962382225.6077791
Bus Stops in South EndLatitude Longitude
Cafes in South EndLatitude Longitude
The Coffee Shop-33.964071825.6185611
Lemon Tree-33.963824525.6146462
Cafe Blend-33.962106025.6139084
Angelos Coffee Bar-33.962146725.6135508
Xpression Coffee Shop-33.963822225.6106771
Petit Four Cafe-33.975835325.6039405
Cafe Rouge-33.959279825.6115209
Caravan Parks in South EndLatitude Longitude
Humepark Caravan Park-33.972874125.6315570
Chalets in South EndLatitude Longitude
307 Madison on 1st-33.975000325.6122523
53 Hyde Park-33.964790025.6120900
Collett Wooden Chalet-33.963916825.6119358
Oslo Holiday Apartments-33.973739325.6387619
Chemists in South EndLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in South EndLatitude Longitude
Uptown Theatre-33.964536525.6116015
Colleges in South EndLatitude Longitude
Port Elizabeth College-33.961452925.6101841
Teachers Centre-33.957270125.6152200
Community Centres in South EndLatitude Longitude
Old Wool Board-33.963481125.6236467
Guest Houses in South EndLatitude Longitude
Madiba Bay Guest House-33.972795325.6167101
Jutland Manor-33.967983225.6154360
Ninos Guesthouse-33.965425925.6196528
Valley Guest House-33.968785625.6138624
Cuyler Guest House-33.964800225.6229644
Sir Roys at the Sea-33.972600225.6324544
Hazeldene Guest House-33.976096925.6096238
Heugh Road Guest Lodge-33.975410025.6091400
Havelock Cottage-33.962810425.6140072
Treetops Guest House-33.978468925.6076679
La Mer Lodge-33.976627325.6364566
Driftsands Guest House-33.975214225.6373967
Manor House Guest House-33.976346325.6050283
Tanaqua Lodge-33.976480225.6380674
Jon Jen Guest House-33.976417525.6044936
Belvedere Mews-33.959115025.6138120
Nottingham Country House-33.979010025.6046200
Villa Afrique-33.979072725.6041632
Antheas Place-33.978630325.6393835
Humewood Beach House-33.974887525.6410546
51 Brett La Roche Complex-33.980568925.6402166
Aqua Marine Guest House-33.979047825.6411691
Palm Springs Guest House-33.968704225.6003801
Hostels in South EndLatitude Longitude
Backpackers Base Camp-33.965269025.6123998
The Hippo Backpackers-33.958530025.6085046
Hotels in South EndLatitude Longitude
Grand Gardens Hotel-33.965656625.6200581
Paxton Hotel-33.970104825.6299882
Cora terrace-33.965086725.6167620
Phoenix Hotel-33.961603025.6217860
Smart Accommodation-33.962180025.6159300
Bishops Inn-33.974797425.6406786
Museums in South EndLatitude Longitude
South End Museum-33.969394825.6292902
Petrol Stations in South EndLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in South EndLatitude Longitude
NG Oos-33.973647725.6213340
Masjid ul-Akbar-33.968750025.6279699
Holy Trinity Anglican-33.962818925.6163987
The Hill Presbyterian-33.961019825.6182534
Majied-Ul-Abkbar mosque-33.960656825.6229209
NG Sentraal-33.959695525.6142959
Centenary Methodist-33.958449725.6133839
NG Walmer-33.977090925.6027087
Trinity Baptist-33.961074825.6047686
Police Stations in South EndLatitude Longitude
Humewood Police Station-33.973762325.6263086
Pre-schools in South EndLatitude Longitude
Seemeeu Pre Primary-33.980209925.6318699
Pubs in South EndLatitude Longitude
The Zebra Pub and Grub-33.979272125.6080748
The Spotted Cow-33.962094025.6108990
Aviators Pub and Grub-33.982677625.6101547
Restaurants in South EndLatitude Longitude
Admirals Restaurant-33.975033525.6098953
Villa Borghese-33.963220125.6151875
Herberts Restaurant-33.962102825.6137233
Renaissance Restaurant-33.961891625.6135666
Guidos Heugh Road-33.976770025.6059000
House of Coffees-33.984107225.6114975
Bella Napoli Restaurant-33.958261725.6177564
Green Door-33.958610025.6118500
Old Austria-33.961143025.6069456
The Gravy Train-33.973229125.6423627
The Blue Orange-33.979171725.6018719
Schools in South EndLatitude Longitude
Quest Special School-33.974338325.6204248
Victoria Park High School-33.975694525.6133105
Greenwood Primary School-33.968519925.6109099
Saint Georges College-33.963998325.6098373
Alliance Francaise-33.959516325.6128687
Protea Primary School-33.984528525.6349216
The Hill College-33.961315425.6058097
Stations in South EndLatitude Longitude
Humewood Road-33.970668625.6342211
Port Elizabeth-33.959957725.6241826
Take Aways in South EndLatitude Longitude
El Nino Pizza-33.974050825.6124277
Catch 22-33.965144825.6277931
Pizza 2 Go-33.963301425.6106706
Theatres in South EndLatitude Longitude
The Little Theatre-33.964196825.6201070
Tourist Attractions in South EndLatitude Longitude
Horse Memorial-33.962195425.6087766
Universitys in South EndLatitude Longitude
NMMU Bird Street Campus-33.965264225.6169917
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