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Sonheuwel Attractions and Distance Calculations
Sonheuwel is a suburb in South Africa, Mpumalanga
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Distance Calculations from Sonheuwel
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 280 Km
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 303 Km
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1530 Km
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 486 Km
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 1076 Km
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 618 Km
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 712 Km
Direct Distance from Sonheuwel to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 234 Km
Roads Near Sonheuwel
Roads / Streets in SonheuwelRoad Length
Acacia Crescent 1.261Km
Anderson Street 243m
Andries Pretorius Street 556m
Anette Street 079m
Annecke Street 308m
Asbestos Street 351m
Augusta Street 808m
Banket Avenue 1.252Km
Bergsalie Street 141m
Bisshoff Street 533m
Bouten Street 36m
Bracelet Crescent 876m
Brenda Street 127m
Chestnut Crescent 537m
Civic Center 367m
Daleen Street 089m
De Kock Street 8m
De Villiers Street 299m
Dr Enos Mabuza Drive 111m
Edith Street 319m
Ella Street 093m
entrance to hospital 922m
Faurie Street 193m
Halssnoer Crescent 2.198Km
Iron Street 215m
Johanna Drive 352m
Jordaan Street 303m
Juanita Street 353m
Koorsboom Street 266m
Le Roux Street 423m
Louw Street 089m
Madiba Drive 3.886Km
Magda Street 247m
Mare Street 284m
Neethling Street 187m
Norma Street 403m
Palm Street 345m
Park Street 347m
Pick&Pay 128m
Piet Retief Street 1.056Km
Polvy Avenue 665m
Protea Crescent 1.131Km
Reitz Street 182m
Reservoir Street 079m
Rood Street 336m
Santie Street 089m
Sarel Cilliers Street 969m
Stanley Street 308m
Van Rensburg Street 511m
Vlier Crescent 441m
Webb Street 113m
Weber Street 184m
Wilger Street 624m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Sonheuwel and their distance from Sonheuwel
Cafes in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Mugg and Bean-25.472927330.9677014
Chemists in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Colleges in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Ehlanzeni FET College-25.473370630.9598438
Courthouses in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Nelspruit Magistraat-25.469303830.9780468
Dentists in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Hubert Kraftt Dentist-25.479376730.9702873
De Beers Assc-25.476247330.9780023
Hospitals in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Rob Ferreira Hospital-25.476460730.9706254
Nelspruit Mediclinic-25.494019430.9610779
M-Care Private Hospital-25.484428930.9517567
Hostels in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Old Vic Travellers Inn-25.493868430.9858375
Hotels in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Nelspruit Lodge-25.484349230.9679134
Formula 1-25.471554830.9605892
Nightclubs in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
News Caf-25.474032130.9685992
Parkings in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Vision 2000-25.473952330.9737311
Jock and Java-25.476441830.9816258
Petrol Stations in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Prime Corner-25.470140530.9697609
Imperial Motors-25.471776930.9596420
Place of Worships in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Volle evangelies-25.479309530.9732914
Post Offices in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Nelspruit post office-25.469765930.9777792
Pubs in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
The Pub-25.474120530.9815506
Public Buildings in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Ocean Basket-25.475257330.9809193
Jock & Java-25.475888430.9823372
Schools in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
St Peters Primary School-25.485929330.9704991
Horskool Bergvlam-25.480969830.9642755
Lowveld High School-25.479256530.9606979
Laerskool Laeveld-25.493263730.9579043
Take Aways in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Taxi Ranks in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Theatres in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
civiccentre Theatre-25.475880130.9754854
Toilets in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Townhalls in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Civic Center-25.475680930.9750653
Veterinarians in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
Central Vet-25.475020130.9809882
Nelspruit Animal hospital-25.475054430.9810682
Youth Clubs in SonheuwelLatitude Longitude
The Lighthouse-25.475857630.9679001
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