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Soneike Attractions and Distance Calculations
Soneike is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Soneike
Distance from Soneike to Kuilsriver
Distance from Soneike to Lentegeur
Distance from Soneike to Uilenkraal
Roads Near Soneike
Roads / Streets in SoneikeRoad Length
Amandel Straat 1.248Km
Angelier Street 126m
Annandale Road 572m
Basson Street 169m
Blesbok Street 259m
Boegoe Crescent 297m
Boland Street 128m
Bontebok Street 156m
Bosman Street 897m
Brand Street 248m
Carl Crescent 274m
Cas Street 078m
Confettibush Street 328m
De Eike Street 339m
De Wet Street 346m
Du Toit Street 449m
Gemsbok 178m
Gladioli Street 1.111Km
Gousblom Street 062m
Grysbok Street 299m
Hikneut Straat 088m
Hoek Street 134m
Kantbos Crescent 504m
Klipspringer Street 321m
Koedoe Street 443m
Koringblom Straat 709m
Krisant Circle 021m
Langenhoven Street 831m
Magnolia Street 096m
Makvy Close 092m
Paul Kruger Street 817m
Perold Street 167m
Pioneer 675m
Protea Road 3.923Km
Ralph Crescent 396m
Rietbok Street 113m
Rooibok 083m
Rooibok Street 479m
Roosvygie Slot 17m
Russel Street 292m
Sangiro Street 451m
Sea-Rose Street 273m
Skakel Street 079m
Skool Street 563m
Springbok Street 164m
Steenbok Street 293m
Steward Street 162m
Strandblom Straat 353m
Suni Street 065m
Van Aarde Street 327m
Van Broekhuizen Street 16m
Van Bruggen Street 263m
Van Der Heever Street 215m
Van Wyk Street 283m
Viljoen Street 387m
Voogdy Street 146m
Walter Street 077m
Waterbessie 308m
Waterbok Street 326m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Soneike and their distance from Soneike
Chemists in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
Petrol Stations in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
Kuils River SAPS-33.932274418.6827791
Pubs in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
Schools in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
De Kuilen Primary-33.924438618.6806884
De Kuilen High-33.924665718.6849799
Kuils River Primary-33.926374918.6684468
Sarepta High-33.927069318.6661187
Stations in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
Kuils River-33.933650918.6775585
Take Aways in SoneikeLatitude Longitude
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