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Sidwell Attractions and Distance Calculations
Sidwell is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Sidwell
Distance from Sidwell to Humewood
Roads Near Sidwell
Roads / Streets in SidwellRoad Length
Avenue A 885m
Avenue C 1.397Km
Avenue E 907m
Barry Street 154m
Bennet Street 683m
Cadle Street 456m
Commercial Road 1.501Km
Cox Street 158m
Cresswell Street 372m
Dalton Street 785m
De Wet Street 153m
Doherty Street 307m
Du Preez Street 316m
Ferguson Road 1.055Km
Frost Lane 168m
Gayer Street 07m
Gibson Street 127m
Gould Street 716m
Gqamlana Street 774m
Hannekom Street 455m
Harrismith Road 345m
Hart Street 368m
Henry Ford Road 508m
Hitzeroth Street 154m
Inggs Street 091m
Juta Road 518m
Kempston Road 2.192Km
Kildare 325m
Kippon Street 156m
Kynock Street 161m
Le Roux Street 098m
Madala Street 659m
Mavis Road 159m
Mtiya Road 202m
Nguna Street 116m
Nicoll Street 452m
Norman Street 158m
OBrien Street 169m
Patience Street 373m
Pax Street 168m
Perl Street 142m
Piet Retief Street 235m
Reith Street 153m
Relton Street 1.017Km
Rhode Street 307m
Richard Street 161m
Richter Crescent 231m
Rundle Street 57m
Schadie Street 157m
Shaw Road 157m
Sidwell Avenue 954m
Sueltz Street 327m
Sutton Street 1.178Km
Trang Street 505m
Wells Crescent 579m
Wright Street 1.029Km
Ximiya Road 292m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Sidwell and their distance from Sidwell
Community Centres in SidwellLatitude Longitude
War Memorial Hall-33.901315525.5989250
Memorials in SidwellLatitude Longitude
SS Mendi Memorial-33.906355725.5978347
Petrol Stations in SidwellLatitude Longitude
Schools in SidwellLatitude Longitude
Horskool Cillie-33.925388625.5960097
Dr Viljoen Primary School-33.926710125.5945129
Molefe SP School-33.906963525.5911311
Cowan High School-33.904141925.5922507
Kama Public School-33.904249925.5991899
Arthur Nyobo Primary-33.904259925.6033799
Pendla Primary School-33.900682625.5877553
Stations in SidwellLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in SidwellLatitude Longitude
Cassies Sidwell-33.920230025.5931000
KFC Sidwell-33.920970025.5907000
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