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Shere Attractions and Distance Calculations
Shere is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Shere
Distance from Shere to Centurion
Roads Near Shere
Roads / Streets in ShereRoad Length
Achilles Road 2.631Km
Aloe Ridge Loop 3.137Km
Arthur Avenue 119m
Catherine Avenue 1.452Km
Cole Street 1.287Km
Etienne Street 1.32Km
Ferrara Street 06m
Forli Street 057m
Green Trail 388m
Hedianga Drive 897m
Henry Avenue 1.569Km
Hirschels Big Dipper 152m
James Avenue 268m
Lambardy Boulevard 65m
Leander Road 1.695Km
Leons Trail 919m
Messina Street 813m
Mnandi Trail 323m
Modena Street 089m
Mpumalanga Drive 719m
Orstano Street 264m
Palermo Street 051m
Rosalie Drive 477m
Siena Street 271m
Silverlakes Drive 2.368Km
Struben Street 701m
The Gif blaar Af Tchop 048m
Troy Road 346m
Turin Street 233m
Via Firenze 2.431Km
Via Veneto 365m
Wild Trail 418m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Shere and their distance from Shere
Cafes in ShereLatitude Longitude
Chemists in ShereLatitude Longitude
Colleges in ShereLatitude Longitude
Tyger Valley-25.800930028.3694700
Guest Houses in ShereLatitude Longitude
Shere View-25.785300028.3456300
Hotels in ShereLatitude Longitude
Farm Inn-25.783317228.3699786
Nursery Schools in ShereLatitude Longitude
Silver Stars-25.787760028.3497400
Place of Worships in ShereLatitude Longitude
NG Tygerpoort-25.795730028.3559500
My Lord Conquers-25.783400028.3453700
Post Offices in ShereLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in ShereLatitude Longitude
Cattle Baron-25.785070028.3522100
Quinta Du Pardal-25.805130028.3647800
Tuscan BBQ-25.780930028.3468900
Schools in ShereLatitude Longitude
Laerskool Tygerpoort-25.795050028.3534700
Take Aways in ShereLatitude Longitude
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