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Shembes Village Attractions and Distance Calculations
Shembes Village is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Shembes Village
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 518 Km
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 483 Km
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1272 Km
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 694 Km
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 463 Km
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 471 Km
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 611 Km
Direct Distance from Shembes Village to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 663 Km
Roads Near Shembes Village
Roads / Streets in Shembes VillageRoad Length
106081 Street 338m
106108 Street 071m
106406 Street 235m
106517 Street 188m
106519 Street 135m
106520 Street 05m
106544 Street 094m
106545 Street 044m
108250 Street 071m
108405 Street 058m
108406 Street 074m
108407 Street 112m
108408 Street 108m
108409 Street 244m
108410 Street 235m
108412 Street 192m
108414 Street 068m
108415 Street 075m
108416 Street 198m
108424 Street 076m
108425 Street 11m
108428 Street 13m
108429 Street 238m
108430 Street 078m
108431 Street 144m
108433 Street 086m
108484 Street 04m
108488 Street 048m
108512 Street 161m
108515 Street 324m
108516 Street 871m
108517 Street 099m
108524 Street 1.483Km
108529 Street 238m
108559 Street 079m
108561 Street 117m
108567 Street 621m
108568 Street 104m
108570 Street 279m
108571 Street 182m
108576 Street 615m
108577 Street 132m
108602 Street 045m
108618 Street 065m
108619 Street 131m
108620 Street 198m
108621 Street 201m
108622 Street 192m
108679 Street 09m
108680 Street 085m
108681 Street 753m
108683 Street 143m
108684 Street 1.004Km
108685 Street 596m
108686 Street 133m
108687 Street 414m
108688 Street 067m
108689 Street 224m
108690 Street 056m
108711 Street 046m
108713 Street 281m
108714 Street 128m
108716 Street 198m
108717 Street 068m
108718 Street 158m
108719 Street 157m
108720 Street 296m
108721 Street 186m
108722 Road 268m
108722 Street 131m
108723 Street 112m
108724 Street 178m
108725 Street 891m
108726 Street 192m
108727 Street 1.691Km
108730 Street 148m
108731 Street 326m
108732 Street 197m
108733 Street 183m
108734 Street 392m
108735 Street 207m
108736 Street 1.147Km
108739 Street 214m
108740 Street 117m
108741 Street 197m
108742 Street 124m
108743 Street 19m
108744 Street 558m
108745 Street 173m
108746 Street 092m
108747 Street 108m
108748 Street 231m
108749 Street 085m
108750 Street 216m
108751 Street 145m
108752 Street 151m
108753 Street 091m
108754 Street 057m
108755 Street 076m
108811 Street 263m
108812 Street 1.651Km
108813 Street 463m
108814 Street 394m
108815 Street 302m
108816 Street 5m
108817 Street 158m
108818 Street 564m
108819 Street 059m
108820 Street 169m
108821 Street 258m
108822 Street 151m
108823 Street 717m
108824 Street 944m
108825 Street 162m
108826 Street 075m
108827 Street 098m
108828 Street 561m
108830 Street 11m
108831 Street 116m
108832 Street 069m
108833 Street 331m
108834 Street 26m
108835 Street 128m
108836 Street 24m
108837 Street 113m
108838 Street 072m
108839 Street 077m
108840 Street 081m
108959 Street 131m
108960 Street 301m
108961 Street 15m
108962 Street 211m
108963 Street 187m
108964 Street 382m
108965 Street 179m
108966 Street 426m
108967 Street 169m
108968 Street 175m
108969 Street 287m
108970 Street 204m
108971 Street 285m
108972 Street 183m
108973 Street 281m
108975 Street 132m
108976 Street 078m
108980 Street 543m
109359 Street 068m
109360 Street 058m
109361 Street 04m
109362 Street 356m
109363 Street 55m
109364 Street 157m
109365 Street 547m
109366 Street 236m
109367 Street 309m
109368 Street 146m
109369 Street 191m
109370 Street 259m
109371 Street 049m
109372 Street 284m
109373 Street 868m
109375 Street 096m
109376 Street 046m
109377 Street 149m
109378 Street 426m
109379 Street 251m
109380 Street 081m
109381 Street 119m
109382 Street 182m
109387 Street 377m
109388 Street 109m
109389 Street 102m
109390 Street 758m
109391 Street 13m
109392 Street 092m
109393 Street 223m
109394 Street 099m
109395 Street 058m
109396 Street 107m
109397 Street 801m
109398 Street 107m
109399 Street 1m
109400 Street 137m
109401 Street 203m
109476 Street 376m
109477 Street 497m
109478 Street 245m
109479 Street 104m
109480 Street 742m
109481 Street 123m
109482 Street 123m
109483 Street 333m
109484 Street 102m
109485 Street 069m
109486 Street 325m
109514 Street 2.325Km
109515 Street 071m
109516 Street 108m
109517 Street 21m
109518 Street 076m
109519 Street 517m
109520 Street 33m
109521 Street 073m
109522 Street 442m
109523 Street 054m
109524 Street 121m
109525 Street 058m
109527 Street 049m
119985 Street 41m
120058 Street 034m
120355 Street 326m
120502 Street 712m
120516 Street 075m
120517 Street 072m
120518 Street 717m
120520 Street 126m
120522 Street 11m
120523 Street 09m
120525 Street 036m
120526 Street 059m
120527 Street 115m
120534 Street 385m
121339 Street 502m
121601 Street 021m
121603 Street 1.057Km
121869 Street 322m
121870 Street 235m
121897 Street 407m
121985 Street 138m
121986 Street 335m
122182 Street 076m
122183 Street 095m
122184 Street 093m
122185 Street 094m
122186 Street 046m
122187 Street 027m
122188 Street 139m
122189 Street 071m
48512 Track 13m
48564 Track 821m
610325 Street 242m
610326 Street 055m
610339 Street 17m
Bambanani Road 222m
Banda Way 094m
Bhekabaku Lane 046m
Bhekuyise Road 139m
Bhubesi Drive 112m
Bingelela Walk 058m
Bohlololo Lane 051m
Buyani Lane 137m
Buzani Avenue 064m
Buzisisa Avenue 093m
Cebisa Avenue 101m
Cele Lane 026m
Dudu Sithole Walk 274m
Gecaya Road 283m
Hlakula Road 108m
Hlokoma Road 125m
Ibophani Road 085m
Ibutha Way 075m
Icena Walk 084m
Icukudo Walk 251m
Idlula Walk 036m
Ihabiya Road 229m
Ihlukwe Walk 259m
Ikhakhasi Way 139m
Ikhothe Way 096m
Ilanga Avenue 093m
Impimpi Grove 211m
Impinda Way 179m
Imvula Avenue 092m
Inala Way 466m
Indwa Walk 165m
Inhlaba Grove 173m
Inhlanzi Avenue 076m
Inkalane Walk 108m
Inkehli Grove 128m
Inkele Grove 081m
Inkubathi Lane 06m
Inqimindolo Road 208m
Intebe Way 104m
Intingwe Way 082m
Iphamu Road 049m
Iphephetha Way 109m
Iphungula Road 052m
Ishanela Lane 167m
Ishongwe Road 131m
Isidiya Walk 063m
Isifithi Road 088m
Isifulwane Road 073m
Isigobe Lane 115m
Isihlungu Lane 042m
Isikhonde Lane 144m
Isithupha Avenue 094m
Itshelo Road 053m
Jabulani Avenue 084m
Jakalase Road 243m
Joseph Nduli Walk 273m
Khanvisile Lane 041m
Khanyeza Road 07m
Khoza Avenue 077m
Khuphuka Grove 369m
Kubheka Road 157m
Kuyashisa Walk 116m
Mabasa Road 396m
Majika Road 462m
Makhatini Lane 047m
Makhuthula Lane 101m
Mama Gwala Lane 157m
Mama Mchunu Way 127m
Mandla Mthethwa Lane 217m
Mandondo Road 13m
Manqele Grove 17m
Manzini Avenue 054m
Mathunjwa Walk 557m
Mbona Lane 048m
Mduduzi Sishi Grove 038m
Mhulungu Lane 091m
Mkhizi Lane 048m
Mncwabe Lane 154m
Mnyango Avenue 177m
Molife Lane 059m
Moraba Lane 049m
Mphelandaba Road 215m
Mphendule Walk 108m
Mpilo Close 045m
Mpilonhle Avenue 104m
Mpofu Avenue 07m
Mpophoma Road 177m
Mpungushe Drive 086m
Mvelase Way 056m
Mvukuzane Close 072m
Mvukuzane Road 156m
Nabaso Lane 046m
Ndlovu Lane 057m
Nkalene Grove 052m
Nkonkoni Close 115m
Nsele Avenue 144m
Nsibi Lane 026m
Ntshantsha Road 802m
Nxumalo Road 129m
Nyawose Walk 214m
Nzama Lane 044m
Phambili Lane 037m
Phaphama Avenue 1.773Km
Pheza Road 067m
Phuthuma Road 124m
Sandile Ndaba Way 434m
Sangena Lane 254m
Savumelana Close 072m
Sbusisiwe Road 381m
Sekunjalo Road 157m
Shambalala Road 231m
Shangasi Lane 036m
Shaya Road 199m
Shayabhuqe Close 146m
Shinga Lane 545m
Shintsha Walk 318m
Shonakhona Road 097m
Shosholoza Close 101m
Shukuma Close 196m
Shusha Lane 052m
Sibeko Way 177m
Siqobola Grove 079m
Sishonjalo Close 124m
Siyahlala Road 32m
Siyalala Road 229m
Siyaphambili Walk 046m
Siyavaya Road 315m
Siyavuma Cresent 363m
Siyavuma Road 152m
Siyihlo Avenue 493m
Sizabantu Road 211m
Sofaya Road 137m
Sofunda Lane 095m
Sohlangana Close 103m
Sojabula Road 25m
Somkhonto Close 145m
Somlandela Drive 1.892Km
Sonke Avenue 21m
Sosha Road 105m
Thandanani Lane 134m
Thandine Lane 028m
Thokoza Road 134m
Thula Avenue 505m
Ubani Road 119m
Ubobo Walk 525m
Umabopha Way 123m
Umadlozana Way 138m
Umadoye Road 053m
Umafosi Way 165m
Umahogwe Way 147m
Umahoqo Lane 2m
Umaphatha Way 198m
Umaphola Walk 111m
Umatha Lane 19m
Umazwenda Road 184m
Umbesa Walk 072m
Umbhodiya Road 177m
Umbulelo Walk 069m
Umbusi Avenue 122m
Umcumane Road 107m
Umdakane Way 041m
Umdlaguva Road 093m
Umdlavusa Way 122m
Umdongolo Way 1.521Km
Umhlabana Road 081m
Umhlakuva Walk 108m
Umhlambila Road 093m
Umhlungu Walk 092m
Umhushuza Street 328m
Umkhamanzi Road 126m
Umkhwangu Lane 112m
Umnala Walk 137m
Umnalaqho Road 191m
Umncaka Walk 066m
Umngampondo Way 096m
Umngongoni Way 298m
Umnondo Close 049m
Umoya Avenue 101m
Umphisu Road 183m
Umphuze Way 154m
Umsama Place 269m
Umsongo Walk 06m
Umthofa Walk 123m
Umuthi Walk 128m
Umvangazi Road 053m
Undiyaza Walk 226m
Usolo Walk 178m
Usololo Way 042m
Uthobothi Close 914m
Uthowothi Way 527m
Uvuka Street 038m
Valelisa Road 118m
Vika Cresent 35m
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