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Shallcross Attractions and Distance Calculations
Shallcross is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Shallcross
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 530 Km
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 494 Km
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1256 Km
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 674 Km
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 457 Km
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 491 Km
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 606 Km
Direct Distance from Shallcross to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 680 Km
Roads Near Shallcross
Roads / Streets in ShallcrossRoad Length
200294 Street 039m
200295 Street 061m
200296 Street 079m
200297 Street 099m
200298 Street 08m
200299 Street 108m
200300 Street 385m
200301 Street 327m
200302 Street 389m
200303 Street 164m
200304 Street 146m
200305 Street 335m
200306 Street 24m
200307 Street 369m
200308 Street 136m
200309 Street 064m
200310 Street 08m
200311 Street 05m
200312 Street 059m
200313 Street 175m
200314 Street 373m
200315 Street 184m
200316 Street 072m
200317 Street 185m
200319 Street 257m
200320 Street 285m
200321 Street 136m
200322 Street 097m
200323 Street 07m
200326 Street 149m
200327 Street 172m
200333 Street 631m
Alaskan Street 084m
Alpine Drive 2.509Km
Anderson Road 892m
Appalachian Street 41m
Biggarsberg Street 227m
Blundell Road 054m
Carmel Drive 287m
Cathedral Street 24m
Cathkin Place 067m
Chiltern Road 1.412Km
Conifer Place 041m
Coriander Close 558m
Cotswold Drive 084m
Cycad Close 112m
Dalarna Street 436m
Davaram Street 271m
Deccan Drive 318m
Denham Terrace 22m
Drakensberg Street 283m
Dunstan Drive 209m
Dwarsberg Street 269m
Etna Drive 241m
Everest Street 204m
Fir Place 187m
Flamboyant Place 052m
Flinders Street 331m
Gangaji Place 076m
Geranium Gardens 44m
Ghats Street 198m
Golden Cypress Street 054m
Granada Street 188m
Hanuman Street 224m
Helwin Street 225m
Hibiscus Street 208m
Hillview Drive 438m
Himalaya Drive 2.142Km
Hollyhock Drive 437m
Hooseria Road 152m
Jalaram Street 57m
Jura Street 446m
Kailas Street 546m
Kashmiri Drive 069m
Khasi Cresent 058m
Kilimanjaro Street 186m
Klaarwater Road 2.338Km
Kouga Street 148m
Langeberg Drive 37m
Lavinia Cresent 526m
Lincoln Place 073m
Loop Street 307m
Lulu Street 061m
Madho Road 476m
Magaliesberg Street 272m
Magnolia Street 217m
Mahogany Close 099m
Mount Blanc Street 146m
Naiker Road 1.798Km
Nandigram Street 114m
Nathalal Street 778m
Nebrodi Street 226m
Olympia Street 572m
Palm Grove 088m
Parvati Street 291m
Peak Street 55m
Pennine Street 379m
Rameshvar Drive 1.155Km
Ras Dashan Street 1.238Km
Ridge Street 231m
Rocky Mountain Drive 652m
Saffron Drive 985m
Shallcross Road 3.838Km
Shasta Street 067m
Sierra Madre Street 262m
Silky Oak Lane 139m
Simla Street 716m
Sinai Street 308m
Spencer Street 219m
Sudama Place 08m
Sycamore Street 31m
Table Mountain Road 278m
Taurus Street 347m
Tulsidas Place 163m
Ural Street 144m
Vees Place 467m
Verbena Street 152m
Vindhya Street 462m
Willow Road 287m
Wingen Walk 837m
Zoutpansberg Loop 223m
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