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Senderwood Attractions and Distance Calculations
Senderwood is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Senderwood
Distance from Senderwood to Hlalanathi Drakensberg Resort
Distance from Senderwood to Spartan
Roads Near Senderwood
Roads / Streets in SenderwoodRoad Length
Byron Avenue 586m
Chaucer Avenue 637m
Cheetham Road 608m
Clarke Avenue 857m
Donne Avenue 197m
Gibb Lane 483m
Johnson Road 662m
Kipling Road 226m
Milner Road 1.004Km
Milton Avenue 24m
Neve Weg 141m
Saint Christopher Road 543m
Saint Francis Road 329m
Saint John Road 333m
Shakespeare Avenue 671m
Shelley Avenue 474m
Spencer Avenue 124m
St. Andrews Avenue 674m
Tennyson Avenue 606m
Willow Crescent 76m
Wordsworth Avenue 867m
Yeats 062m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Senderwood and their distance from Senderwood
Guest Houses in SenderwoodLatitude Longitude
The Munday B&B-26.171997628.1225292
Restaurants in SenderwoodLatitude Longitude
Grand Slam-26.143920928.1378504
Schools in SenderwoodLatitude Longitude
King David Linksfield-26.164931028.1089256
Sandringham High-26.139275328.1168907
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