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Sedgefield Attractions and Distance Calculations
Sedgefield is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Sedgefield
Distance from Sedgefield to Knysna
Distance from Sedgefield to Port Elizabeth
Roads Near Sedgefield
Roads / Streets in SedgefieldRoad Length
Andries Pretorius Street 25m
Dr Malan Street 981m
Fink Avenue 195m
Fisheagle Street 251m
Flamingo Street 103m
Kiewietjie Road 179m
Kingfisher Drive 2.323Km
Kwartel Road 1.167Km
Kwikkie Street 101m
Makou Street 866m
Sedgewarbler Way 079m
Tarentaal Road 25m
Wagtail Road 202m
Woodpecker Street 103m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Sedgefield and their distance from Sedgefield
Petrol Stations in SedgefieldLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in SedgefieldLatitude Longitude
La Piazza-34.015673022.8024426
Stations in SedgefieldLatitude Longitude
Traffic Circles in SedgefieldLatitude Longitude
Wally van der Walt Street-34.014035422.7832353
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