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Sea Point Attractions and Distance Calculations
Sea Point is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Sea Point
Distance from Sea Point to Athlone
Distance from Sea Point to Cape of Good Hope
Distance from Sea Point to Cape Town International Airport
Distance from Sea Point to Fernkloof Nature Reserve
Distance from Sea Point to Ottery Road
Roads Near Sea Point
Roads / Streets in Sea PointRoad Length
Albany Road 261m
Algarkirk Mews 153m
Algarkirk Road 051m
Antwerp Road 238m
Arthurs Road 68m
Barkly Court 058m
Barkly Road 248m
Bellevue Road 262m
Bertram Road 084m
Bickley Road 156m
Calais Road 284m
Church Road 165m
Clarens Road 212m
Clifford Road 288m
Conifer Road 11m
Dassen Road 086m
Deane Road 123m
Donkin Lane 05m
Dover Road 139m
Dudley Road 179m
Duncan Road 387m
Edwards Road 095m
Ellis Road 108m
Firdale Road 182m
Firmount Road 41m
Friars Road 067m
Gorleston Road 268m
Graham Road 455m
Heathfield Road 134m
Herbert Road 191m
High Level Road 1.078Km
Highworth Road 085m
Holmfirth Road 301m
Inez Road 105m
Irwinton Road 268m
Kloof Road 219m
Lincoln Road 055m
Marais Road 3m
Milton Road 265m
Northumbria Road 129m
Oliver Road 282m
Olivier Road 264m
Rosedene Road 07m
Saint Johns Road 74m
Sea Point Promenade 1.996Km
Selborne Road 062m
The Glen Road 265m
Trafalgar Square 17m
Upper Deane Road 134m
Winstonia Road 086m
Worcester Road 245m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Sea Point and their distance from Sea Point
Banks in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
ABSA Bank-33.917617018.3884250
Bus Stops in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Sea Point-33.917458318.3861316
Winchester Mansions-33.910283118.3906859
President Hotel-33.922456118.3798148
Cafes in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Caf Adelph-33.910823618.3946936
La Vie-33.909381218.3932279
Vida e Caff-33.922153018.3812430
The Daily Deli-33.927974218.4046586
Cafe Neo-33.901891018.3999115
Cafe Puka-33.928562618.4072322
Car Rentals in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Adelphi Rent A Car-33.910788018.3937377
Chemists in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Maartens Guesthouse-33.923920418.3910813
Blackheath Lodge-33.910310418.3976534
Verona Lodge-33.908930918.4009845
Wilton Lodge-33.908800918.4020919
The Little Lemon-33.909219418.4026283
Radium Hall-33.927451518.4039326
1 on Queens-33.925776918.4058536
HIllcrest House-33.927133818.4054767
La Ville Bella Ombre-33.928935418.4032863
Mediterranean Villa-33.928768018.4042730
Table Mountain Lodge-33.928929918.4069431
Hotels in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Cascades on the Promenade-33.916814418.3876586
O on Kloof-33.924752918.3828232
Information Centres in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Marine Protected Area-33.900753818.3984167
Lighthouses in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Green Point Lighthouse-33.901414818.3998681
Parkings in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Parking German School-33.930556018.3997827
Petrol Stations in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Stadtmission Kapstadt-33.926498218.4043034
Restaurants in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
La Mouette-33.921183518.3826191
Simply Asia-33.922089018.3812520
The Hussar Grill-33.907717018.4090590
Stations in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
The "Blue Train"-33.902511718.3988812
Take Aways in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Osumo Food Naturally-33.922203018.3811330
Tourist Attractions in Sea PointLatitude Longitude
Noon Gun-33.915113718.4115546
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