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Scottsville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Scottsville is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Scottsville
Distance from Scottsville to Pietermaritzburg
Roads Near Scottsville
Roads / Streets in ScottsvilleRoad Length
5th Avenue 1.229Km
6th Avenue 379m
7th Avenue 416m
Aandblom Street 33m
Alfred Street 581m
Beatrix Street 195m
Carel Marincowits Street 283m
Carnation Street 389m
Cosmos Street 144m
Dahlia Street 473m
Darwin Road 2.144Km
Eagle Street 102m
Fick Road 268m
Garland Street 425m
Gourmand Street 231m
Graaff Road 329m
Green Street 207m
Greymaur Street 409m
Hop Road 329m
Ivanhoe Road 358m
Jakaranda Road 406m
Jameson Road 236m
Jarisch Road 215m
Kitchener Road 168m
Kotze Road 428m
Lood Street 443m
Loop Road 469m
Malva Street 203m
Midway Street 5m
Milton Street 1.257Km
Patrys Crescent 285m
Petersen Street 542m
Petunia Street 1.374Km
Pioneer Street 528m
Rembrandt Street 596m
Robert Road 04m
Sending Street 266m
Skakel Street 291m
Snell Street 575m
Stork Street 141m
Tarentaal Crescent 383m
Titus Street 469m
Uitspan Street 733m
Verbena Street 247m
Verster Street 535m
Wesley Road 22m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Scottsville and their distance from Scottsville
Fire Stations in ScottsvilleLatitude Longitude
Kraaifontein Fire Station-33.841937318.7057466
Petrol Stations in ScottsvilleLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in ScottsvilleLatitude Longitude
Kraaifontein SAPS-33.856955618.7270979
Stations in ScottsvilleLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in ScottsvilleLatitude Longitude
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