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Salt Rock Attractions and Distance Calculations
Salt Rock is a town in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Salt Rock
Distance from Salt Rock to Durban Central
Distance from Salt Rock to Stanger
Roads Near Salt Rock
Roads / Streets in Salt RockRoad Length
Baobab Crescent 241m
Basil Hulett Drive 3.323Km
Boundry Lane 16m
Club Road 524m
Coral Place 061m
Crawfish Road 325m
Crest Road 293m
Crows Nest 106m
Dolphin Close 084m
Dolphin Crescent 497m
Dunkirk Crescent 362m
Dunkirk Road 668m
Fairway Drive 714m
Garden Road 361m
George Hulett Place 158m
Gifford Crescent 575m
Hewitt Road 703m
Hotel Road 165m
Hugh Dent Road 1.066Km
Ipahla Lane 373m
Knox Avenue 195m
Lagoon Drive 783m
Little Maritzburg Road 334m
Marchant Crescent 501m
McDonald Road 382m
Mdoni road 529m
Milkwood Drive 464m
Murrays Crescent 517m
Osbourne Drive 641m
Peter Hulett Place 599m
Ralphs Place 272m
Scott Lane 081m
Shad Lane 106m
Shrimp Lane 118m
The Ridge 229m
Valley Road 413m
Wilkes Road 1.323Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Salt Rock and their distance from Salt Rock
Camp Sites in Salt RockLatitude Longitude
Salt Rock Caravan Park-29.504439231.2375802
Librarys in Salt RockLatitude Longitude
Umhlali Library-29.506329831.2345159
Parkings in Salt RockLatitude Longitude
Salt Rock Shopping Centre-29.502400031.2376343
Salt Rock Beach-29.506237431.2353625
Petrol Stations in Salt RockLatitude Longitude
Salt Rock Service Station-29.502051231.2380764
Restaurants in Salt RockLatitude Longitude
Al Frescos-29.502374431.2381332
Mange Tout-29.492117631.2357643
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