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Salt River Attractions and Distance Calculations
Salt River is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Salt River
Distance from Salt River to Aquila Safari Head Office
Distance from Salt River to Athlone
Distance from Salt River to Glenhaven Avenue
Distance from Salt River to napier
Distance from Salt River to Napier
Distance from Salt River to Stormsrivier
Distance from Salt River to West Street
Roads Near Salt River
Roads / Streets in Salt RiverRoad Length
Addison Street 294m
Albert Road 625m
Alfred Street 014m
Arnold Street 683m
Aubrey Street 359m
Baker Street 202m
Black River Park North 33m
Black River Parkway 663m
Briar Road 182m
Brickfield Road 236m
Bromwell Street 051m
Browning Road 359m
Burke Street 025m
Burns Road 027m
Campbell Street 054m
Cecil Road 257m
Chapel Street 031m
Chatham Road 233m
Cole Street 132m
Coleridge Road 173m
Cook Street 164m
Copperfield Road 09m
Dickens Road 125m
Douglas Street 036m
Dove Street 163m
Dryden Street 029m
Durham Avenue 683m
Factory Road 122m
Fenton Road 287m
Fir Street 38m
Ford Street 096m
Franklin Street 073m
Friend Street 106m
Goldsmith Road 288m
Grant Street 097m
Greef Street 103m
Homer Street 031m
Hopkins Street 399m
Howe Street 371m
Junction Road 072m
Kingsley Road 248m
Kipling Street 432m
Kremer Road 168m
Liesbeek Parkway 1.351Km
Loco Road 185m
London Road 024m
Lower Main Road 1.028Km
Lower Rochester Road 065m
Lugard Street 076m
Malta Road 534m
Manrose Street 237m
Micawber Road 097m
Milne Street 096m
Nansen Street 083m
Nares Street 038m
Nelson Road 267m
Penryn Street 072m
Pickwick Road 288m
Pitt Street 086m
Pope Street 487m
Portland Road 195m
Robins Road 369m
Ross Road 107m
Salt River Circle 116m
Scott Road 885m
Selous Street 078m
Shannon Street 386m
Shelley Road 282m
Speke Street 116m
Spencer Road 036m
Spoorbaan Street 092m
Stanley Road 111m
Stowe Street 045m
Swanson Street 043m
Swift Street 176m
Sydow Street 121m
Table Bay Boulevard 916m
Tasman Road 074m
Tennyson Street 406m
Victoria Road 103m
Voortrekker Road 3.077Km
Westminster Road 024m
Yew Street 044m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Salt River and their distance from Salt River
Bus Stations in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Paarden Eiland-33.917858218.4671314
Mowbray Taxi Rank-33.947691718.4745685
Bus Stops in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Salt River Rail-33.927677818.4643039
Upper Salt River-33.930208718.4571121
Upper Salt River-33.930079318.4569845
Upper Roodebloem-33.937430418.4511947
Upper Roodebloem-33.937398918.4510074
Upper Mountain-33.937137118.4490181
Upper Mountain-33.937252518.4489883
Coronation East-33.934765218.4465949
Chester East-33.935583118.4464797
Cafes in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Vida e Cafe-33.935448918.4714020
Colleges in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Damelin College Mowbray-33.947186718.4765713
Doctors in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Dr K van der Westhuizen-33.934748418.4458023
Fire Stations in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Salt River Fire Station-33.935471818.4615364
Hospitals in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Woodstock Hospital-33.931926318.4493796
Hostels in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Observatory Backpackers-33.935527118.4674811
Hotels in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Holiday Inn-33.934435118.4473301
Marketplaces in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Old Biscuit Mill Market-33.927551818.4577062
Petrol Stations in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Community Motors-33.928622618.4605601
Settlers Way-33.943580218.4690094
Restaurants in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Touch of Madness-33.938746218.4694804
The River Club-33.933895818.4749612
The Wild Fig-33.942548118.4799581
Stations in Salt RiverLatitude Longitude
Salt River-33.927229318.4650145
Paarden Eiland-33.922474218.4669547
Koeberg Road-33.925660518.4788538
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