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Saldanha Attractions and Distance Calculations
Saldanha is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Saldanha
Distance from Saldanha to Airport
Distance from Saldanha to Clanwilliam
Distance from Saldanha to Langebaan
Distance from Saldanha to Oudtshoorn
Distance from Saldanha to Piketberg
Distance from Saldanha to Plettenberg Bay
Distance from Saldanha to Rawsonville
Distance from Saldanha to Tosca
Distance from Saldanha to V
Distance from Saldanha to Vredenburg
Distance from Saldanha to Worcester
Roads Near Saldanha
Roads / Streets in SaldanhaRoad Length
Aandblom Close 115m
Acacia Close 075m
Adam Street 274m
Adelia Close 159m
Admiralty Road 758m
Alabama Street 514m
Albatros 173m
Alwyn Street 254m
Amani Street 441m
Amy Street 606m
Anatina Close 112m
Andana Street 17m
Ark Royal Street 036m
Arniston Close 052m
Atlantic Crescent 186m
Aurania Close 189m
Bato Street 032m
Bay View Road 675m
Berg Street 542m
Birkenhead Street 039m
Bosvygie Crescent 446m
Botterboom Close 138m
Boundary Street 32m
Brander Street 093m
Bruydegom Street 655m
Burton Port Street 269m
Carmenia Close 078m
Cazania Close 163m
Church Street 72m
Cleopatra Close 128m
Colombine Cresent 147m
Da Gama 338m
De Visch Street 222m
Diaz Road 3.483Km
Diaz St 152m
Doncaster Street 309m
Eighth 276m
Eleventh Avenue 291m
Erica Close 095m
Estonia Close 063m
Eva Street 329m
Fifth Avenue 303m
First Avenue 277m
Flamingo Street 092m
Fourth Avenue 369m
Galera Street 097m
Glen Close 105m
Gonna Close 118m
Hoetjieskop 159m
Honeysuckle Slot 143m
Hoogland Crescent 1.501Km
Hoogland Cresent 127m
Hugenoot Street 173m
Ibis Park Crescent 198m
Indian Crescent 163m
Ivernia Crescent 157m
Ixia Close 036m
Jaffe Street 648m
Kershout Close 116m
Kildalkey Street 091m
Klokkiebos Close 113m
Koningsberg Street 171m
La Rozette Street 151m
Laguna Cresent 255m
Lisboa Street 059m
Lusitania Street 299m
Main Road 4.795Km
Malgas 122m
Manitoka Street 132m
Merestyn Street 1.346Km
Middelburg Street 307m
Mr0028 Road 7.955Km
Nautilus Street 244m
Neptune Street 31m
Ninth Avenue 268m
Oberon Street 568m
Oleander Street 145m
Panorama 1.121Km
Panorama Link 042m
Parker Cresent 235m
Pelican Street 111m
Pelorus 283m
Pescadore Street 32m
Rhapsody Street 065m
Roseveld Street 166m
Rowena Street 172m
Saldanha Heights 394m
Saldanha Road 649m
Salmander Street 278m
Sceptre Street 27m
Schuter Street 651m
Sea Bride Street 192m
Sea View Close 232m
Sebastiaan Close 078m
Second Avenue 14m
See 088m
Seventh Avenue 286m
Short Street 09m
Silver Leader Street 132m
Silverman Avenue 194m
Silwerman Avenue 04m
Sixth Avenue 351m
Sound Of Jura Street 594m
Southern Horizon Street 552m
Strand 867m
Strandloper Street 176m
Suikerbos Close 119m
Taaibos Close 145m
Tenth Avenue 26m
Third Avenue 316m
Titanic Street 286m
Tolken Street 349m
Trichardt Street 64m
Tuscaloosa Street 462m
Van Riebeeck Street 1.195Km
Van Spilberg Street 866m
Waratah Street 484m
Wasbessie Close 152m
Watsonia Terrace 023m
Weskus Skool 295m
Wessel Street 189m
Wildenaeltjiebos 106m
Windhoek Street 365m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Saldanha and their distance from Saldanha
Banks in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
First National Bank-33.004952017.9440104
Camp Sites in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
Saldanha Municipal-32.998157117.9555638
Caravan Parks in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
Saldanha Municipal-32.999575517.9540339
Chalets in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
Saldanha Municipal-32.998533817.9566867
Guest Houses in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
Crows Nest-32.997231917.9450164
Captains Cabin-33.010929317.9490579
Petrol Stations in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
Pubs in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
Galoobys Bar-32.997451217.9449511
Saldanha Sports Bar-32.994107817.9469312
Captains Cabin-33.011055317.9492132
Schools in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
West Coast Special School-32.991802017.9442781
Stations in SaldanhaLatitude Longitude
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