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Rossburgh Attractions and Distance Calculations
Rossburgh is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Rossburgh
Distance from Rossburgh to Bhokwe Secondary School
Distance from Rossburgh to Harrismith
Distance from Rossburgh to Nongoma
Roads Near Rossburgh
Roads / Streets in RossburghRoad Length
122225 Street 068m
122226 Street 064m
Antrim Road 138m
Barker Place 196m
Barry Grove 415m
Bottomley Road 255m
Braeside Road 576m
Breakers Place 064m
Cedarmont Road 077m
Coronet Avenue 115m
Cove Close 06m
Cranbourne Avenue 062m
Endel Place 095m
Folkestone Road 576m
Grafton Road 033m
Hazeldene Road 619m
Hillside Road 1.063Km
Hythe Road 23m
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Freeway 803m
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Off-ramp 255m
Kings Lane 143m
Malton Road 236m
Park View Road 101m
Pennant Road 14m
Portrush Road 16m
Rocky Place 073m
Sandy Close 048m
Sarnia Road 1.08Km
Sarnia S Off-ramp 322m
Sarnia S On-ramp 073m
Seaglen Drive 1.105Km
Selborne Grove 207m
Shell Close 068m
Solomon Mahlangu Drive 3.462Km
Solomon Mahlangu E Off-ramp 604m
Solomon Mahlangu E On-ramp 606m
Solomon Mahlangu W Off-ramp 955m
Solomon Mahlangu W On-ramp 764m
South Coast Road 1.493Km
Southend Avenue 275m
Umbilo Road 102m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Rossburgh and their distance from Rossburgh
Petrol Stations in RossburghLatitude Longitude
Total Southway Mall-29.897622030.9733158
Stations in RossburghLatitude Longitude
Sea View-29.900302430.9612507
Take Aways in RossburghLatitude Longitude
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