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Rosettenville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Rosettenville is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Rosettenville
Distance from Rosettenville to Florida
Distance from Rosettenville to Gold Reef City
Roads Near Rosettenville
Roads / Streets in RosettenvilleRoad Length
1 242m
1st Street 201m
2nd Street 356m
3rd Avenue 883m
3rd Street 443m
4th Avenue 584m
5th Avenue 376m
6th Avenue 115m
Aberfeldy Road 431m
Albert Street 428m
Alice Street 488m
Ben Alder Road 706m
Berg Street 866m
Bertha Street 2.393Km
Chevoid Road 674m
Church Lane 116m
Daisy Street 922m
Donnelly Street 2.347Km
Drakensberg Road 664m
Edgecombe Road 834m
Edward Street 488m
Eleazar Street 488m
Fairfield Road 781m
Ferreira Street 2.099Km
George Street 1.197Km
Gotthard Road 341m
Grampian Road 738m
Hekla Road 215m
Helellyn Road 709m
Johannesburg Road 821m
Jonkershoek Road 259m
Kenia Cres 186m
Lily Street 876m
Marjorie Street 685m
Olga Street 492m
Pan Road 655m
Petunia Street 827m
Phillip Street 95m
Prairie Street 1.157Km
Rose Street 592m
Rosetta Street 488m
Rosettenville Road 1.926Km
School Lane 185m
Sheffield Street 1.085Km
Short Street 111m
Southern Klipriverberg Road 1.029Km
Southern Klipriviersberg Road 3.522Km
Tramway Street 1.903Km
Trossachs Road 697m
Ural Cres 196m
Virginia Road 666m
Zinnia Street 433m
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