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Rosebank Attractions and Distance Calculations
Rosebank is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Rosebank
Distance from Rosebank to CBD
Distance from Rosebank to Glen Austin AH
Distance from Rosebank to Johannesburg
Distance from Rosebank to Kosmosdal
Distance from Rosebank to Midrand
Distance from Rosebank to Montecasino
Distance from Rosebank to O.R. Tambo International Airport
Distance from Rosebank to Randburg
Distance from Rosebank to Roodepoort
Distance from Rosebank to Sandton
Distance from Rosebank to South Park Lane
Roads Near Rosebank
Roads / Streets in RosebankRoad Length
Acton Road 095m
Alma Road 676m
Annerley Road 238m
Arcadia Road 096m
Arundel Road 066m
Ayres Street 223m
Banksia Road 292m
Barry Avenue 243m
Baxter Road 468m
Belmont Road 791m
Bognor Road 123m
Bollihope Crescent 095m
Bonair Road 377m
Bridge Street 352m
Brook Road 186m
Burg Road 419m
Campground Road 2.201Km
Cecil Road 473m
Chapel Road 267m
Chapel Road Extension 186m
Chartley Road 055m
Chemistry Road 205m
Chester Road 155m
Church Street 406m
Cissie Gool Plaza 058m
College Road 1m
Croquet Lane 103m
Cross Road 076m
Cross-Campus Road 501m
Devonshire Hill Road 143m
Duke Road 182m
Elma Road 163m
Erin Road 488m
Eureka Road 075m
Fir Road 271m
Forest Road 116m
Fountain Road 163m
Gatley Road 097m
Glade Road 104m
Glen Darrach Road 286m
Glen Walk 515m
Groote Schuur Avenue 248m
Grosvenor Road 072m
Grotto Road 435m
Grove Road 136m
Guildford Road 039m
Hall Road 062m
Hazeldene Road 05m
Hermitage Road 146m
Highfield Road 14m
Highstead Road 19m
Hope Road 106m
Hornsey Road 037m
Jammie Steps 078m
Japonica Walk 308m
Kingston Road 289m
Klipfontein Road 069m
Library Road 161m
Liesbeeck River Trail 717m
Liesbeek Parkway 2.004Km
Liesbeek Road 556m
Liesbeek Road West 153m
Linkoping Road 183m
Linray Road 078m
Lovers Walk 58m
Lower Burg Road 184m
Lower Hope Road 139m
Lower Nursery Road 315m
Lower Ryan Road 047m
Lower York Road 123m
Lulworth Road 101m
Lyle Road 08m
Main Road 1.139Km
Matopo Road 208m
Meadow Road 116m
Myrtle Road 108m
Norfolk Lane 13m
North Entrance Road 471m
North Lane 066m
North Street 062m
Nursery Road 145m
Park Lane 197m
Park Road 873m
Percy Road 093m
Philips Road 11m
Pillans Road 329m
Queen Road 151m
Residence Road 545m
Rhodes Avenue 587m
Rhodes Drive 2.569Km
Ring Road 068m
River Street 111m
Riverside Road 096m
Rose Street 037m
Rosendale Road 102m
Rugby Road 549m
Rustenburg Avenue 197m
Ryan Road 097m
Sawkins Road 17m
Selby Road 255m
Silwood Road 285m
Smith Road 164m
South Lane 052m
Spin Street 113m
St. Andrews Avenue 108m
St. Pauls Crescent 117m
Stanley Road 424m
Station Road 363m
Surbiton Road 153m
Tantalon Road 091m
Teddington Road 116m
Toll Road 029m
University Avenue 375m
Upper Alma Road 096m
Upper Liesbeeck Road 122m
Vredenburg Avenue 231m
Vredenburg Circus 086m
Wiersma Road 109m
Wilhelmina Street 141m
Wills Road 053m
Wolmunster Street 246m
Woodbine Road 196m
Woodroyd Lane 097m
Woolsack Drive 702m
Woolsack Road 097m
York Lane 135m
York Road 114m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Rosebank and their distance from Rosebank
Bus Stations in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Mowbray Bus Station-33.948727518.4733782
Mowbray Taxi Rank-33.947691718.4745685
Bus Stops in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Tugwell (Outbound)-33.954576118.4706571
Tugwell (Inbound)-33.954754118.4707944
UC North (for Rochester)-33.955012918.4618513
UC North-33.955138518.4615504
UC West-33.957502218.4594819
Stop & Drop-33.960672718.4603235
UC South-33.960534918.4597737
Cafes in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Vida e Cafe-33.935448918.4714020
Chemists in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Webb & Savoy-33.949862818.4720600
Colleges in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Damelin College Mowbray-33.947186718.4765713
Varsity College-33.960269518.4719304
Fountains in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch Fountain-33.961478118.4701093
Guest Houses in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Little Scotia-33.959096818.4694531
Hostels in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Observatory Backpackers-33.935527118.4674811
Hotels in RosebankLatitude Longitude
City Lodge Pinelands-33.947901218.4904156
Librarys in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch Public Library-33.961456418.4718187
UCT Library-33.957448818.4604239
Museums in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Irma Stern Museum-33.952745318.4693846
Petrol Stations in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Settlers Way-33.943580218.4690094
Place of Worships in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Rondebosch United Church-33.960535218.4743807
Brooke Chapel-33.963499818.4819387
War Memeorial Chapel-33.963862618.4813892
Post Offices in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Pubs in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Fat Cactus-33.948201518.4791341
UCT Club-33.955869718.4630120
Restaurants in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Out Of China-33.948894318.4809251
The Hussar Grill-33.959142918.4706750
The Wild Fig-33.942548118.4799581
Rhodes Memorial Tearoom-33.952124318.4585410
Touch of Madness-33.938746218.4694804
Cellar on the Greens-33.948216618.4902007
Schools in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Diocesn College Pre-Prep-33.964151818.4786482
Diocesan College-33.963236918.4823620
Stations in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Swimming Pools in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Varsity Fast Food-33.956845218.4606558
Tourist Attractions in RosebankLatitude Longitude
Rhodes Memorial-33.952364618.4589487
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